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Best in-budget Microphones for Voice-over Voice Acting in 2021

If you are into the voiceover or voice acting either as a professional or as a novice, in either case, the most challenging task is to get a microphone that can accurately highlight and project your talent and give an extra edge to your efforts. Many options in the brand, features, and quality of the microphone are available in the market for you to choose from, which might confuse you to no end. To select the best from this plethora can be very difficult, and you may find people giving advice and recommendations as per their preferences.

Factors to consider before buying VO microphone:
Like any other electric or electronic gadget, you must consider various factors before zeroing down on the one you wish to buy. The concept of more the cost, better is the device does not hold well every time, neither can you go for trial and error. Hence, there are specific points to keep in mind:
• The connection type – USB or XLR
USBs are plug-in type and compact; suitable for non-commercial use. XLR is a technologically upgraded device and is best for professional work, on-stage performance, and outdoor recordings.

• Type of microphone – Condenser or Dynamic
The dynamic type of microphones is prevalent and is best for audiobooks, home studios, interviews, live events, and outdoor recording. Condenser type is designed especially for studio use in professional VO.

• Size of the diaphragm – small or large
Small diaphragm microphones are suitable for VO in-home studio, live presentations, and interviews, while the large-diaphragm microphones are for professional work in a recording studio.

• Microphone pattern
You can choose from various patterns available, having different sensitivity levels, depending upon the type of VO. These are Cardioid, Sub cardioid, Omnidirectional, Bidirectional, and Short gun.

• The frequency response
Microphones come with different frequency response, as per the type of sound you want to record.

• The budget
It is the most crucial criterion while buying a microphone for your VO activity.

Best in-budget VO Microphone in 2021

Keeping the budget low to medium, here are some VO microphones for you to get hold of in 2021:

• Audio-Technica AT2020USB+ – Highly economical, condenser type USB mic is suitable for voice acting.
• Blue Yeti – It is a USB mic packed with multiple features, ideal for amateurs. Good sensitivity. Condenser type, Low cost.
• Blue Snowball iCE – USB mic of condenser type, great for office and home use. Easy to use, Low cost.
• Harlan Hogan VO – ideal for voiceovers, condenser type with a hard case, XLR microphone, Low cost.
• Rode NT-USB – Low-cost USB cardioid type condenser mic suitable for studio, good for novice and professionals, tripod stand, ring mount, and pop shield are extra features.
• Rode NT1A – Condenser type USB mic for pro, available with a shock mount. Low-cost good quality microphone.
• SE Electronics sE2200a – Low cost, large-diaphragm microphone, good quality sound can cover versatile voices.
• Rode Procaster – Dynamic type microphone with high noise reduction, multipurpose use at affordable price.
• Shure SM7B – A dynamic type cardioid mic of mid-range price comes with a pop filter and a wide range of frequency response.
• Heil PR-40 – A Studio Microphone of Dynamic type for Voice Over pros, with wide frequency. It is a mid-range price microphone.
• Electro-Voice RE-20 – A mid-range Dynamic professional mic of excellent reputation and popularity comes with a pop filter and a shock mount.
• Neumann TLM 102 MT – A condenser type cardioid mic of mid-price range for home and studio recording, outstanding performance, available with a stand mount.
• CAD E-100S – A mid-price range condenser type super-cardioid mic with excellent noise filtration and universal application. Condenser, mid-range price.

Take a look at the features of these low and mid-price range microphones for voice-over task and select the one that best suits your aim and pocket.

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