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“Online learning is not the next big thing; it is the new big thing. – Donna J. Abernathy”

What is e-Learning?

e-Learning or electronic learning is the process of learning and training utilizing digital resources and media. e-Learning is an educational curriculum outside of a traditional classroom that is accessed via electronic devices such as computers, laptops, tablets, or even smartphones that have valid internet connections.

A few innovative e-Learning mobile apps: Udemy, Skillshare, Skill Pill, Byju’s, Vedantu, Unacademy, Khan Academy, Google Classroom, Duolingo. A few popular e-Learning authoring tools: Adobe Captivate, iSpring Suite, Articulate Storyline 360, Articulate Rise 360, Elucidat, Gomo.

The rise of e-Learning

The current COVID-19 crisis has changed learning forever. Schools, colleges, educational institutions, offices are shut all across the world. As a result, education and learning have changed drastically, with a remarkable rise in e-learning, whereby learning sessions are being conducted remotely via digital platforms.

The nationwide lockdowns have impacted over 60% of the world’s student population. Countries are trying to alleviate the immediate impact of school closures by conducting remote learning sessions – educational videos, e-learning modules, tutorials, e-learning narration, podcasts, webinars, audiobooks, etc.

Similarly, corporate e-learning is on the rise too. Employees are working remotely, all meetings/conferences, employee training, induction sessions, product training, sales presentations, workshops are being conducted with the help of e-learning video content. In the current scenario, corporate e-learning is saving 40%-60% of the time as compared to traditional learning. According to sources (Business Wire), the corporate e-learning market is expected to increase by $38.09 billion between 2020 and 2024.

e-Learning voice-over: Definition and Benefits

Voice Over refers to off-camera narration or dialogue recorded to accompany many films and television productions. CommLab India recently mentioned, “If onscreen content is the king of e-learning, audio narration is the queen.”

However, when it comes to e-Learning videos, the course instructors often overlook the most important segment – voice-overs. Attaching a voice-over to your e-Learning course helps add value to your product, attract more audience, and boost profit. Additionally, it helps the learners to master new knowledge quickly and maximize engagement.
DUBnSUB e-Learning voice-over services
To make these various e-learning content accessible to people all over the world, brands need to overcome the language barrier with effective translation and localization. DUBnSUB is a one-stop solution for all e-learning translation, e-learning localization and e-learning dubbing related requirements.

We offer high-quality e-learning voice-over services at competitive costs in more than 70 languages for industries such as Education, Healthcare, Computer and IT Sector, Retail and e-Commerce, Banking and Finance.
The future of e-Learning
Even before Covid-19, there was already an unprecedented growth in the e-learning industry in the past few years. According to Forbes, the e-learning market will be worth US$350 billion in 2025. Since the pandemic, there has been a significant surge in the usage of video conferencing tools, virtual tutoring, e-learning software, etc. Considering the present scenario, e-Learning or online learning will continue to see exponential growth. E-Learning already is playing numerous roles in education and learning, and its future roles are considerably going to be immense. With social distancing and staying indoors being the new norm, we are entering into a new phase of online education which will only continue to rise.

DUBnSUB has the experience, state-of-the-art technology and recording facilities of voice over artists in almost every country in the world. We have proficiency in providing excellent e-learning narration for videos about medical e-Learning, corporate e-Learning, learner-generated e-Learning videos, e-learning modules, educational audiobooks, tutorials, podcasts, etc.

For requirements of e-learning voice-over, DUBnSUB is here for you! Send in your queries/requirements at [email protected] or call us at +91-8860586865, +91-9654680378. We shall be more than happy to help!

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Types of Voice-Over & Recording Services

Simple Voice Over

A simple voice over is the one in which a voice artist simply reads the audio script and the audio is recorded. With an extensive network of recording facilities/studios in almost every country worldwide we provide simple voice over service in around 100 languages

Time synced voice over

For a time synced voice over, the timed audio has to be of a certain length, usually referred to as a time limitation in the studio. With a pool of more than 2,000 experienced voice-over artists we provide time synced voice over services in around 100 languages

Screened Synced voice over

While recording a screen synced voice over, professional voice artists usually watch the video to which they are synchronizing. We only work with professional voice actors with native fluency and produce accurate screen synced voice over in around 100 languages

lip synced voice over

Lip synced voice over is usually considered the most difficult type of synchronized audio. This recording situation is quite critical for the voice artist as they have to match the lip movements of the actor in the pre-recorded video. We provide accurate lip-synced voice over and recording services for movies, advertisements, animation videos in around 100 languages

Voice over services at DUBnSUB

our expertise area

Corporate Voice Overs

Voice-overs for corporate training programs, product endorsements, point of sale messaging, trade show exhibits, sales presentations, etc.

eLearning Voice Overs

Voice-overs for eLearning modules, educational videos, how-to videos, tutorials, software e-learning, educational audiobook, etc.

Telephonic Voice Overs

Voice-overs for commercial telephone voice recordings, interactive voice response (IVR), automated attendant, voicemail greetings, phone prompts, etc.

Commercial Voice Overs

Voice-overs for commercials of radio, television, animation, infomercials, trailers, jingles, tags, etc.

Narration Voice Overs

Voice-overs for commercials of radio, television, animation, infomercials, trailers, jingles, tags, etc.

Entertainment Voice Overs

Voice-overs for movies, TV series, animation series, cartoon series, nursery rhymes, audiobooks, video games (gaming console and PCs).

Languages Supported

DUBnSUB provides Hindi voice over services for animation, audiobooks, elearning, explainer videos, video games & documentaries.
DUBnSUB is a Assamese (অসমীয়া) voice-over agency providing voice over services for animation, audiobooks, elearning, explainer videos, video games & documentaries.
DUBnSUB provides Tamil voice-over services based in Gurgaon, India having offices in Myanmar, Germany, US and France having team of experienced production managers.
DUBnSUB is a Punjabi voice-over agency based in Gurgaon, India having offices in Myanmar, Germany, US and France having team of experienced production managers.