Explainer Video Services in USA

Explainer videos are super effective and these days very popular too! 

Animated Explainer Video Services

Another in-demand tool in this group is – Explainer Video. Amid the pandemic, people are spending 4-6 hours daily on average on gadgets (smartphones, laptops, desktops) for work/study from home and entertainment. Many marketing tools have also been gaining popularity over the past years. One such leading tool is – Video. Videos have been proven to be an effective medium to increase user understanding of a product or service.

Wondering what is an animated explainer video?​

An explainer video is a simple and short, animated video commonly used by businesses to explain their ideas/stories in less than 2 minutes. An explainer video is both informative and educational. It is a must-have for your company to communicate best what they have to offer.

Also, animated videos for business increase credibility, inflate web traffic (improves SEO), and generate greater ROI.


2D Character Animation Creation

2D animation or two-dimensional animation is considered a traditional animation style in which both characters and styles are created in a flat, two-dimensional space. This type of animation is the best fit for B2B and B2C companies that create videos for – animated movies, infotainment videos, animated explainer video, product demo video, training, and educational videos, and much more.

2.5D Animation Explainer Video

2.5D animation, as the name suggests is a combination of 2D animated objects in a 3D space. This is achieved by simply creating an illusion of depth through smart layering, realistic shadows, and animation effects that separate the flat object from the background to create a parallax effect. Being an experienced explainer video production company we create the best 2.5D animation videos at budget-friendly costs.

3D Animation Explainer Video

3D animation is a process of creating characters, objects, props, and backgrounds in motion. 3D animation services are very popular today and are widely adopted in sectors such as cartoons, commercials, films, video games, healthcare, and education. With top animation studios and a team of skilled animators at DUBnSUB, we work with popular software for creating 3D video animation.

Motion Graphics Explainer Video

What is motion graphics? Well, it is graphics in motion – the most straightforward definition you can get. The animation uses graphic elements to create the illusion of motion or rotation which adds depth to the story. Motion graphics is an exceptional tool for creating a powerful animated explainer video. Motion graphics explainer video animation is used in a diverse range of industries such as – entertainment (films, television, advertisements), gaming, business.

Infographics Creation Explainer Video

Haven’t heard of the term infographics? Wondering what is an infographic? Infographics can be simply termed as information, data, or knowledge being represented via graphics, visuals, charts, text, illustrations, and other elements. It is a great way of kicking up a notch in storytelling and educating the audience.

DUBnSUB’s team of expert animators creates the best animated infographic videos that capture the viewer’s attention and interest which in turn juices up your site SEO, gives a big boost in views, and engagements.

Whiteboard Animation Explainer Video

Whiteboard animation is simple yet versatile and is undoubtedly engaging for any topic from educational videos to marketing content. It is a simple yet effective way of sharing information clearly that catches the audience’s attention and is easy to remember. Whiteboard animation is a style of video, designed to look like a simple black and white illustration being hand-drawn on a school whiteboard or a white background (hence the name). 

The skilled team of animators at DUBnSUB creates video animation using the best whiteboard animation software.


As a leading video production company, we also ace the amazing job of rotoscoping! Rotoscoping is used more widely than you realize. Rotoscope animation is an animation technique, used to create animated sequences by tracing over live-action footage frame by frame. DUBnSUB provides premiere rotoscoping and VFX services to media and production houses, ad agencies, and filmmakers, ensuring the best animation services, on-time delivery, and cost-efficient rates.

Augmented Reality

Wondering what augmented reality is? Augmented Reality (AR) can be termed as the creation of images or 3D objects which is blended into a real-life background to complement an AR experience. With the help of augmented reality animation software, our competent team can create excellent augmented reality animation for commercial industries such as – education, healthcare (radiology), entertainment, gaming (Pokemon Go), e-commerce, real estate. 

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