Post Production Services

Post Production Services

We are a growing post-production company delivering services with well-connected linguists and a partner network across the globe.


DUBnSUB is a post-production company based in Gurgaon, India with branch offices in Germany (Berlin), USA (Boston), France (Paris), and Myanmar (Yangon). 

We specialize in various post-production services such as Dubbing, Voice-over, Subtitling/Captioning, Audio Description and other Access Services in over 100 languages. We have our own 5 state-of-the-art audio recording studios where we have produced enormous hours of dubbing/subtitling/voice-over/ post-production services in the last year.

With a well-connected community of more than 10,000 subtitle linguists, 2,000 Voice-over artists and partner recording studios in 50 countries our work gets more and more recognition worldwide and we make happy associations with our clients every time!

Our Services


We provide excellent multi-language dubbing services at competitive rates in more than 70 languages while maintaining in-country dubbing studio quality


DUBnSUB’s transcription and subtitling team provides subtitling & captioning services in over 100 languages for pre-recorded television programs, documentary films, feature films, webcasts and podcasts

Studio Rental

We have designed our studios after carrying out numerous research and calculations. It took us quite a long time to perfect it, wherein we have taken care of the best audio gears and tools, soundproofing, acoustics, the air-conditioning, and we have built-in a spacious and the best audio recording studio

Voice Over

We have a pool of experienced native speakers who help us deliver top-quality and professional voice over services in over 100 languages

Audio Description

We offer high-quality Audio Description services at competitive costs in more than 70 languages through an extensive partner network of professional audio describers, transcribers and experienced team of production managers

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Subtitling Services

DUBnSUB’s subtitling services are readily available according to the client’s requirements. It is important to choose the right caption format according to the broadcaster or service provider requirements. If you are unsure which format suits your needs the best, our experienced team of professionals can help you make the right decision.

DUBnSUB handles almost any Subtitle File Formats

Subtitling Services at DUBNSUB

We provide multi-language subtitling for:

Pre-Recorded TV Programs

eLearning Videos

YouTube Videos



Social Media Videos

Music Videos

Explainer Videos


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Languages Supported
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Global Partners
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Your Subtitling Partner

  • Subtitles for the Deaf or Hard of Hearing (SDH) is a mix of both subtitles and closed captions.

  • Normal subtitles are designed keeping in mind the viewer can hear the audio but does not understand the spoken language, however, SDH assumes that the viewer cannot hear the audio.

  • SDH not only just contains the transcription of the dialogues but also includes other sounds in the video such as background noises, relevant music, and other audio cues.

  • SDH is intended for viewers who are both Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing and non-native speakers of the language being used in the video, or people who are learning a new language.


Our Expertise Areas

Corporate Voice Overs

Voice-overs for corporate training programs, product endorsements, point of sale messaging, trade show exhibits, sales presentations, etc.

eLearning Voice Overs

Voice-overs for eLearning modules, educational videos, how-to videos, tutorials, software e-learning, educational audiobook, etc.

Telephonic Voice Overs

Voice-overs for commercial telephone voice recordings, interactive voice response (IVR), automated attendant, voicemail greetings, phone prompts, etc.

Commercial Voice Overs

Voice-overs for commercials of radio, television, animation, infomercials, trailers, jingles, tags, etc.

Entertainment Voice Overs

Voice-overs for movies, TV series, animation series, cartoon series, nursery rhymes, audiobooks, video games (gaming console and PCs).

Narration Voice Overs

Voice-overs for commercials of radio, television, animation, infomercials, trailers, jingles, tags, etc.

  • DUBnSUB offers high-quality voice over services for animations, commercials, eLearning, promotional videos, explainer videos, IVR, audiobooks, and PRAM.

  • DUBnSUB offers excellent voice-over services at competitive costs in more than 70 languages.

  • DUBnSUB has successfully made clients happy across Cinema (feature, animation, documentaries), Advertising, Gaming, eLearning, Media & Entertainment (TV series, OTT platforms), and other industries.

  • DUBnSUB has an extensive partner network of 200 professional recording studios, 3,200 individual voice-over artists, and experienced team of production managers.

Types of Voice Over Services

Simple Voice Over

A simple voice over is the one in which a voice artist simply reads the audio script and the audio is recorded.

Screened Synced Voice Over

While recording a screen synced voice over, professional voice artists usually watch the video to which they are synchronizing.

Time Synced Voice Over

For a time synced voice over, the timed audio has to be of a certain length, usually referred to as a time limitation in the studio.

Lip Synced Voice Over

We provide accurate lip-synced voice over and recording services for movies, advertisements, animation videos in around 100 languages

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