Subtitling and Captioning in LATAM Spanish

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LATAM Spanish: The Language

LATAM is the short term for Latin America which consists of South America, Mexico, Central America, and the islands of the Caribbean. LATAM Spanish is one of a kind of Spanish language that is spoken in America as different varieties of the Spanish language is spoken in the America which are different from each other from those varieties spoken in the Iberian Peninsula, which is collectively known as Peninsular Spanish. The number of native speakers of the Spanish language is around 498 million and almost more than 455 million are in Latin America, the United States, and Canada. The Spanish language is called ‘Espanol’ in Latin American countries whereas it is called ‘Castellano’ in Spain. There is a major difference in the pronunciation of the Spanish language in between Latin America and Spain which is the pronunciation of the Z and C letters. In Latin America, Z and C are pronounced as S, while in Spain it would sound like TH sound. Another difference is the usage of different words for the same object. For example: a pen is called bolígrafo (or Boli) in Spain and a Pluma (or Lapicera) in Latin America. Spain is the only country where the pronouns vosotros and vosotras is used in Spanish. This is also one of the differences between Spanish in Spain and in Latin America. In Spain, when addressing a group of friends, you would use vosotros. In Latin America, they simply use ‘ustedes’ in both formal and informal situations.

Why Choose DUBnSUB for Subtitling and Captioning in LATAM Spanish?

DUBnSUB provides a one-stop solution for professional subtitling and captioning services in LATAM Spanish. With our expertise and dedication, we ensure that your content reaches a wider audience, making it accessible and engaging for everyone.

At DUBnSUB, we specialize in top-notch subtitling and captioning services in LATAM Spanish. Our team’s commitment and skill guarantee that your content connects with a broader audience, ensuring accessibility and captivating engagement for all.

  1. Accuracy: Understanding the diverse tastes and preferences of global audiences, we ensure that our subtitles resonate with viewers from every corner of the world. Rest assured, our language experts deliver subtitles and captions that are exact and clear, keeping the true essence of your content in LATAM Spanish.
  2. Native LATAM Spanish Speakers: We employ native LATAM Spanish speakers who understand the nuances of the language, guaranteeing subtitles and captions that resonate authentically with the native audience.
  3. Stringent Quality Assurance: With a careful quality assurance process in place, every subtitle and caption undergoes thorough scrutiny for typos, grammar, and syntax errors, ensuring flawless delivery of your content. We adhere to a rigorous three eye quality assurance process, complemented by a thorough final quality check run by our committed production team, ensuring accuracy of the delivered files.
  4. Efficient Turnaround: We prioritize timeliness without compromising quality. Leveraging our streamlined workflow and dedicated professionals, we ensure swift delivery of subtitles and captions for your projects.
  5. Versatility: From films and documentaries to corporate videos and online content, our versatile services cater to diverse industries and formats. We tailor our subtitling and captioning solutions to meet your specific needs, ensuring seamless integration and maximum impact.
Types of LATAM Spanish Subtitling and Captioning services

LATAM Spanish Subtitles and Captions for deaf and hard of hearing (SDH)

LATAM Spanish Subtitles for children shows

LATAM Spanish Subtitles and Captions for Movies

LATAM Spanish Subtitles and Captions for TV Series

LATAM Spanish Subtitles and Captions for Animation and Documentaries

LATAM Spanish Subtitles and Captions for live shows and concerts

LATAM Spanish Subtitles and Captions in CCDL formats

LATAM Spanish Dialogue Lists and Dubbing Scripts for Dubbing

LATAM Spanish Audio Description Scripts

DUBnSUB Offers

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