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DUBnSUB is a post-production agency with a vast pool of experienced voice-over artists, an extensive network of recording facilities/studios boasting state-of-the-art technology in almost every country worldwide

What is Voice-Over?

Voice Over is an audiovisual process of narrating the incidents happening on the screen, or voicing out the actor’s thoughts while the actor on the screen is quiet. In some cases, it is also used to translate a dialog spoken in the foreign language to the audience listening to it. Voice-over is also known as “UN-style” and is specifically designed to inform and educate.

DUBnSUB offers high-quality voiceover and recording services for commercials, eLearning, promotional videos, explainer videos, IVR, audiobooks, PRAMS, OTT Movies and OTT TV Series at competitive costs in more than 70 languages through an extensive partner network of 200 professional recording studios, 3200 multilingual voice-over artists and experienced team of production managers.

Reliable Voice Over Services For Your Business

DUBnSUB is a voice-over company with head office in Gurgaon, India, and branch offices in Germany (Berlin), USA (Boston), France (Paris), and Myanmar (Yangon). We offer voice-over services for various genres of video content including voice-overs for PRAMS (Pre-Recorded Announcements and Music), corporate voice-over, eLearning voice-over, voice-overs for commercials, voice-over for IVR, voice-over for promotional videos, voice-over for audiobooks in around 100 languages.

We are a post-production agency with a vast pool of experienced native voice-over artists, an extensive network of recording facilities/studios boasting state-of-the-art technology in almost every country worldwide.

We measure our success by how happy our clients feel about their experience with us. We strive to make excellent quality voice-overs and on-time delivery to our clients in every circumstance. We have successfully made our clients happy across Cinema (feature, animation, documentaries), Advertising, Gaming, eLearning, Media & Entertainment (TV series, OTT platforms), and other industries. With a pool of more than 10,000 subtitle linguists, 2,000 voice-over artists, and partner recording studios in 50 countries we offer voice-over services in over100 languages.

Quality is the primary focus at DUBnSUB. Hence, we deliver high-quality voice-over services at competitive rates while preserving the authentic tone of the content.

Our Pros

Our highly qualified and experienced team of professionals, voice actors and translators are committed to delivering high-quality voice over & recording services at competitive costs.

We take utmost care in maintaining the confidentiality and security of information provided by our clients. We follow a stringent confidentiality policy and are heavily invested in the latest technologies to ensure that your data is safe and secure with us.

Satisfaction Guarantee
We are committed to providing superior services and products to our clients. Our primary focus is to see that our customers are completely satisfied and come to us again and again with their requirements and projects.

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Types of Voice-Over Services

Simple Voice Over

A simple voice over is the one in which a voice artist simply reads the audio script and the audio is recorded. With an extensive network of recording facilities/studios in almost every country worldwide we provide simple voice over service in around 100 languages

Time synced voice over

For a time synced voice over, the timed audio has to be of a certain length, usually referred to as a time limitation in the studio. With a pool of more than 2,000 experienced voice-over artists we provide time synced voice over services in around 100 languages

Screened Synced voice over

While recording a screen synced voice over, professional voice artists usually watch the video to which they are synchronizing. We only work with professional voice actors with native fluency and produce accurate screen synced voice over in around 100 languages

lip synced voice over

Lip synced voice over is usually considered the most difficult type of synchronized audio. This recording situation is quite critical for the voice artist as they have to match the lip movements of the actor in the pre-recorded video. We provide accurate lip-synced voice over and recording services for movies, advertisements, animation videos in around 100 languages