DUBnSUB provides Voice-over Services in India. We specialize in Dubbing, Voice-over, Audio Description, Post Production, Voice Overs for Prams, Corporate Voice Overs, elearning Voice Over, Voice Overs for Commercials, Localization, Subtitling & Closed Captioning in around 100 languages.

We are a post-production agency with a vast pool of experienced voice-over artists, an extensive network of recording facilities/studios boasting state-of-the-art technology in almost every country worldwide.

We have successfully made our clients happy across Cinema, Advertising, Gaming, E-learning, Media & Entertainment, and other industries. With happy associations with more than 10,000 subtitle linguists, 2,000 Voice-over artists and partner recording studios in 50 countries we offer Voice-over and Dubbing services in over 100 languages.

Additionally, DUBnSUB has partnered with Lingual Consultancy – a leading Language Service Provider, which allows us to offer script translation and adaptation to and from more than 200 languages with their pool of 15,000 professional native translators.

About our Services

From Dubbing, Voice-over, Subtitling, and Captioning to Audio Description, DUBnSUB provides everything under the sun for your post-production needs.


Dubbing is the process of replacing the original dialogue in a movie with localized recordings. Dubbing services at DUBnSUB span across industries such as entertainment (movies, TV-series, animation, and documentaries), e-learning, corporates, gaming, advertising, and many more.

Voice-over and Recording

A voice-over is recorded off-camera narration or dialogue that accompanies many video productions. Voice Over and Recording services at DUBnSUB span across industries such as entertainment (movies, TV-series, animation, and documentaries), e-Learning, corporates, gaming, advertising, and many more.

Subtitling and Captioning

Subtitles, as the word suggests, are titles given at the bottom (sub) of the screen in a video clip/production. Subtitling and Captioning Services at DUBnSUB is provided for broadcast film, television, documentaries, advertisements, e-Learning, and social media. We provide our clients with an SFTP (Secured File Transfer Protocol) facility on our website; assignments for subtitling are uploaded in digital format and completed using the same platform, thus saving on logistics and time-costs to our clients.

Audio Description

Audio Description also referred to as a video descriptive, described video, or more particularly called a visual description, is an audio track that narrates the relevant visual information contained in the video. This is dedicated primarily for blind and visually impaired consumers of visual media (television, film, dance, opera, and visual art). DUBnSUB provides both types of audio description services – Standard and Extended audio description.

Our team of highly qualified and experienced production managers, translators, and artists understand that every project has a unique set of objectives and specific requirements. Therefore, we take the utmost precaution in accessing our client’s data, keeping in mind the budget and deadlines.

Quality is the primary focus at DUBnSUB. Hence, we deliver high-quality dubbing services at competitive rates while preserving the authentic tone of the content.

DUBnSUB provides all types of Voice-over services in India such as:

  • Simple Voice-over
  • Screen-Synced Voice-over
  • Time-Synced Voice-over
  • Lip-Synced Voice-over

Voice-over services mix at DUBnSUB

  • Voice-Overs for Commercial : Radio, television, animation, infomercials, sweepers, imaging, promos, screeners, trailers, jingles, tags, etc.
  • Voice-Overs for Narration : Audio books, documentaries, medical narration, website audio, technical narration, political statements, audio tours, news releases, financial narration, etc.
  • Voice-Overs for Telephonic : On-holiday, after hours, holiday messaging, interactive voice response, automated attendant, voicemail greetings, phone prompts.
  • Voice-Overs for Corporate/Industrial : Promotional video, training programs, sales presentations, in-flight announcements, award show nominees, winners, product endorsements, point of sale messaging, trade show exhibits, in store kiosks, hi-tech toys, documentary films.
  • Voice-Overs for E-learning : Instructional DVDs, PC, console, Arcade games, multimedia, flash presentations.
  • Voice-Overs for Entertainment : Movies, TV Series, Animation Series, Cartoon Series, Video Games etc.

To know more about us, please visit www.dubnsub.com. For any project requirements contact us at [email protected] or give us a call at +91 124 498 2484. We will be more than happy to help!