Enhancing Accessibility Through Audio Description

We understand the importance of inclusive entertainment and strive to provide a seamless audio description experience that brings the power of storytelling to everyone. At DUBnSUB, we are committed to making the world of visual media more accessible to individuals with visual impairments.

Audio description (AD), also known as descriptive audio or video description, is an accessibility feature designed to provide individuals with visual impairments, blindness, or low vision with a verbal narration of key visual elements in movies, television shows, live performances, and other visual media. It involves the insertion of descriptive narration (short verbal descriptions) that describe the actions, settings, and visual details that may not be fully accessible through dialogue or sound effects alone.

The AD voice track is carefully timed and inserted during natural pauses in the dialogue, ensuring that they do not overlap with important audio elements or sound effects giving people with visual impairments to have a more inclusive and immersive media experience.

Audio Description Service by DUBnSUB

How can DUBnSUB help?

Standard Descriptions involve adding the spoken description of visual elements during the natural pauses within a program’s audio, such as during the beginning of a scene or that fit in between two dialogue.It focuses on conveying small, essential details, keeping the length of the video the same as the original video. DUBnSUB’s professional narrators carefully craft standard audio descriptions that blen seamlessly with the content, focusing on delivering the most accurate information to the audience. 

DUBnSUB offers a wide range of voice talents with different styles, accents, and languages. This versatility allows you to choose a voice that aligns perfectly with the tone and message of your project. Whether you need a warm and friendly voice for a commercial, or a character voice for an animation, our diverse pool of talent is always ready to bring your projects to life. If you can’t decide what to choose, our experts will guide you through. 
User Experience
We pay attention to detail and create the most clear and concise descriptive output for the entire video, keeping in mind the engagement of audiences with visual challenges.
We have a team of versatile voice artists who are expert narrators and deliver high-quality audio descriptions for TV shows, films, elearning, and corporate videos etc.
Professional Voice Artists
Our narrators maintain consistency in their pitch and tone and avoid errors while narrating which helps visually impaired audience groups understand the audio better.

How it Works?

Post receiving the required data from the clients, the AD script writer and narrator analyze the video, understand the visual element, characters, settings, and key actions, and prepare a methodology to achievedesired output. 
An experienced professional audio describer or voice artist records the descriptions for the AD voice over track while focusing on delivering the necessary visual information without interrupting the original audio. 
 A professional certified linguist is assigned to prepare the script who carefully outlines the necessary details like facial expressions, gestures, contextual information, while ensuring they sync with the natural pauses in the dialogues. 
A video editor takes the recorded AD track and syncsit with the media content according to the time codes mentioned in the script.
The video is re exported after embedding the AD track within the video. For extended descriptions, the length of the video file is increased as the video frames are paused to insert the AD rack.
After successful completion of all the above steps, the target language AD script and target language video are delivered to the client.
Quality checks are performed to ensure that the descriptions sync with the on screen visuals, provide adequate information, and do not overlap with important audio elements in the original audio.