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Finding a professional voice actor for your project is now easy, fast, and affordable. With more than a decade of experience in the voice over industry, DUBnSUB offers the best male and female native voice over artists for varied projects including, commercials, audiobooks, animation, podcasts, explainer videos, elearning videos, video games, IVR/Voice Message system, etc.

By opting for DUBnSUB’s professional voice over services, you gain access to a pool of experienced native voice actors who understand vocal techniques, intonation, pacing, and pronunciation, ensuring that the result is high-quality recordings only. Their expertise adds a professional touch to your project, making it more appealing to your target audience.

DUBnSUB offers a wide range of voice talents with different styles, accents, and languages. This versatility allows you to choose a voice that aligns perfectly with the tone and message of your project. Whether you need a warm and friendly voice for a commercial, or a character voice for an animation, our diverse pool of talent is always ready to bring your projects to life.

 Instead of searching for and auditioning voice actors individually, you can outsource it and save time to focus on other important aspects of your project. DUBnSUB provides you with a curated selection of pre-screened voice over talent at competitive pricing packages. This will save you valuable time and resources, allowing you to quickly find the ideal voice for your project.

Types of Voice Over Services

DUBnSUB provides proficient commercial voice over services that are widely used in advertising and marketing. Our team of commercial voice over professionals are experts who aim to capture the attention of the audience and create a positive association with the advertised product or service.

Team of voice over professionals at DUBnSUB lend their voices to animated characters, bringing them to life and infusing them with personality and emotion. Whether it’s animated films, TV shows, or video games, the expertise and creativity of animation voice over artists elevate the overall quality and entertainment value of the project, making it enjoyable for viewers of all ages.

DUBnSUB delivers corporate voice over services that help businesses effectively communicate their brand message, values, and key information. Our voice actors maintain a professional tone while recording various corporate materials such as internal training videos or announcements, external marketing campaigns, trade shows, conferences, etc.

Professional voice over artists at DUBnSUB are an ideal voice for well-crafted and clear voice recordings for IVR voice over services that are tailored according to your project needs. We have a dedicated pool of IVR voice over artists from across the globe, who work relentlessly to provide the best quality voice over services within quick timeframes.

With the rise in popularity of audiobooks, skilled voiceover artists bring stories to life through their expressive and engaging narration. We deliver audiobook voice over services that are clear and have a sense of emotion of storytelling, which creates an immersive and memorable experience for the listeners.

E-learning voiceover service is a valuable resource in the world of online education and training. Whether it’s university course videos, online courses, ebooks, or explainer videos, the use of e-learning voiceover services enhances comprehension ensuring that learners can easily grasp and retain information.

The video game industry is an immensely large sector with a huge user base. Now with virtual reality, AI, and other technological developments, video game voiceover services play a crucial role in improving the gaming experience of the players. DUBnSUB has numerous talented video game voice actors who provide the best voice over which keeps gamers fully immersed in the virtual worlds.

DUBnSUB offers narration voice over for educational, corporate, as well as entertainment videos. The narration scripts are well-written in conversational style using simple and concise sentences, avoiding complex jargon or technical terms unless necessary. Our narration voice over artists possesses excellent skills to adapt their tone, pace, and style to match the genre and create a connection with the audience.