Synopsis Translation
and Metadata Translation

Synopsis Translation and Metadata Translation

DUBnSUB’s synopsis translation and metadata translation services seamlessly bridge language gaps and expand the reach of your media. Our language team working on synopses captures the essential elements of the original text, enabling the audience to grasp the gist without having to watch the entire content or perhaps, read the synopsis first and then decide on watching the movie now or perhaps later.

Our seasoned linguists possess linguistic proficiency and a deep understanding of diverse industries, ensuring that your synopsis maintains its original intent and captures the attention of your target audience. We specialize in translating succinct summaries for stories, movies, TV series, episodics, documentaries, audio books and various other visual materials, enabling the audience and viewers to get the essence of the content.

We prioritize confidentiality, delivering timely results without compromising on accuracy. Whether you’re expanding into international markets or collaborating with a global audience, our synopsis translation services facilitate seamless communication and understanding.

Metadata Translation

Whether it is a product video or a movie, every digital asset requires a metadata for better classification and discoverability. Once the video is localized, our focus shifts to translating essential components such as synopses, episode titles, key names, phrases, tag lines, and product descriptions.

If you are looking for a reliable and proficient partner for your metadata creation and translation needs, we bring extensive expertise in handling metadata translations for various multimedia content, including TV series, movies, documentaries, and product videos. Proficient in translating between English and 70 languages, our dedicated approach ensures accurate representation of language in synopsis texts while maintaining consistency across relevant episodes.

We strictly adhere to character limits and apply precise usage of titles and keywords, ensuring that the metadata is displayed accurately across all mediums. Our skilled team of professional multimedia translators possess the knowledge and expertise to deliver exceptional metadata creation and translation services, meeting the specific requirements with accuracy and attention to detail.