DUBnSUB is a premiere dubbing company with a top team of professionals with the proficiency of providing top-notch dubbing services in over 70 languages. We are a professional dubbing agency with offices in Germany, France, USA, India, and Myanmar.

Our end-to-end dubbing process allows us to produce appealing foreign language adaptations of your content even within short timeframes. As a professional dubbing company, DUBnSUB’s goal is to ensure that the foreign language version of your content is just as engaging and conveys the same message as your original product when adapting it into the target language.

Localization, dubbing, TV shows, advertisements, corporate films, short films, documentaries, animated films, anime, narration, audiobooks, e-learning, radio spots, jingles, IVR, commercials, video games, audio description, etc.  
  • We extend our audio dubbing services at competitive costs through a mix of our own and extensive partner network of 200 dubbing studios and an experienced team of production managers.
  • We always use native-speaking voice over actors and dubbing artists, with a diverse range of male, female, and kids voices.
  • Our audio dubbing services come with a commitment to high quality and professionalism, maintaining confidentiality for all submitted material, offering competitive rates, and ensuring rapid delivery in the desired format.
  • We provide our own SFTP link for receiving and delivering of materials ensuring that all data is on a secured cloud platform.

Why Dubnsub

Your dubbing partner

Types of dubbing Services

Film Dubbing

Our team of experienced voice artists dub movies with ultimate finesse, matching the lip movements and native fluency

TV Series Dubbing

With abundant options to choose from as per requirements of gender, age, voice, tone, and style, our team of native dubbing artists are an ideal choice for TV series dubbing

Theatrical Dubbing

Theatrical dubbing goes beyond simple dubbing and voice acting. Our team of professional dubbing artists record high-quality audio that recreates the experience of the whole film

2.0 and 5.0 mix while dubbing

We never compromise on quality. Our team of talented voice artists and sound engineers create high quality dubbed audio for 2.0 and 5.0 sound channel systems

Animation Dubbing

Our pool of talented animation voice over artists dub animated video content following a streamlined process and with creativity

Documentary Dubbing

Our team of professionals have an experience of handling various documentary projects. A customized project workflow is maintained while dubbing for documentary films for high-quality outputs

Live action Dubbing

Our team of talented dubbing artists closely match the lip movements and dialogues and produce high-quality dubbed live action film/videos

Game Localization

With our video game localization services team and a talent pool of native speaking video game dubbing actors, we efficiently adapt text and multimedia content in over 100 languages and offer best game localization services for online and mobile games.

Material Collection

We receive all the material from the customer like scripts, M&E effects, etc.


Translation & Adaptation

Commissioning the script for translation/adaptation to professional native translators and supervised by the dubbing director. The translated script is then adapted to sync with the lip movements of the actors in the original video or film.


Voice Casting

Once the script has been adapted, the voices are cast. The casting director selects voice over artists who have voices that match the original actors' voices as closely as possible.


Training, practicing, recording & editing of dialogues, with natural flow, pace, pitch, speech, and expression is done to ensure that the final recording is hassle-free and accurate


In-Studio Recording & Dubbing

The voice over actors then record their dialogues in our state-of-the-art dubbing studio. Each line is dubbed and recorded separately and then edited together to create a seamless audio track.