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Audio Description Services for better online video accessibility

Audio Description

DUBnSUB is a full-service post-production company based in Gurgaon, India with branch offices in Germany (Berlin), USA (Boston), France (Paris), and Myanmar (Yangon). We offer high-quality Audio Description services at competitive costs in more than 70 languages through an extensive partner network of more than 2000 professional audio describers, transcribers, and an experienced team of production managers.

Our team of professional describers and transcribers follow industry standards ensuring that our clients receive consistent and high-quality descriptions for every order. With no use of machine synthesized speech, every file undergoes a multi-step quality assurance process, including two rounds of review by our proofreaders. Moreover, with our pool of more than 3,200 native voice-over artists, our clients get abundant options to choose from, as per their requirements of gender, age, voice, tone, and style.

What is Audio Description?
Audio Description also referred to as a video descriptive, described video, or more particularly called a visual description, is an audio track that narrates the relevant visual information contained in the video. This is dedicated primarily for blind and visually impaired consumers of visual media (television, film, dance, opera, and visual art). It is represented by an AD icon, similar to the CC icon for captioning.
DUBnSUB loves to prepare Audio Descriptions for
DUBnSUB focuses on Quality
Quality is the primary focus at DUBnSUB and our highly qualified and experienced team of professional recording studios, voice-over artists and translators are committed to delivering high-quality audio description services at competitive costs.
Your data is safe with Us

We understand the sensitivity and confidentiality of our client’s data and are heavily invested in the latest technologies to ensure the confidentiality, safety, and security of your data. DUBnSUB also has stringent confidentiality policies within the organization and with our collaborators/partners.

DUBnSUB provides Audio Description Services

  1. Standard and Extended audio description – both are provided
  2. Localization to suit traditional and cultural norms
  3. High quality and speedy turnarounds
  4. Qualified and experienced language professionals

Audio Description File Formats supported by DUBnSUB
  • Text-Based

Text-based formats include TXT, DOC,
Merged TXT, Merged DOC, WebVTT, Stamped Doc, and Merged Doc (Stamped)

  • Media Based

Media based formats include MP3, MP4,

Why Dubnsub

Audio Description Specialists

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