Motion graphics vs. Animation: what’s the difference?

Motion graphics and animation are both terms that we hear around a lot, but many people don’t know the difference. This article will cover what these terms mean, how they differ, which is better, etc.

Motion Graphics vs. Animation

Animation is taking an image or video and making it look moving or dynamic. It’s used in movies, commercials, and video games. There are many different types of animation but mostly 5 forms are prevalent in the animation industry: Traditional Animation, 2D Animation, 3D Animation, Motion Graphics, Stop Motion.

Motion graphics designers do the same but with an effect of motion. They can be used for website design, advertising, or any other type of related content.

Use cases of both motion graphics and animation

Animation is the process of creating a moving image, and it’s used to create graphics for websites, commercials, and movies. Motion design is a type of animation that uses computer graphics to create photos or videos, and it can be used for advertising, marketing, or entertainment purposes.

Motion graphics are a type of animation that typically uses illustrations instead of live-action actors, making it faster to create and more cost effective. Animation often shows the transition between two different scenes or ideas.

Animation is often used in movies and television shows to add excitement and suspense and can also be used to show the change in scenery. Motion graphics are often used in advertising campaigns to show how a product works or what it can do.

Difference between motion graphics and animation

Animators create an illusion of motion using camera tracking and keyframes. Motion graphics artists use Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to create scalable vector graphics that can be easily incorporated into digital projects.

There are many similarities between animation and motion graphics, but there are also some apparent differences. For example, the animation is often used to convey a story or message, while motion graphics video is more likely to be used for aesthetic purposes. Additionally, energy is generally created with a single goal in mind—to create an illusion of movement—while motion graphics can be used for various purposes, including branding, website design, and advertising.

The terms are often used interchangeably and the difference is not always completely precise.

Which is better?

Motion graphic videos create quick and easy visuals, while the animation is perfect for more complex projects. Here’s a breakdown of the difference between these two popular graphic design techniques:

Motion graphics: Most motion graphics design are more straightforward than an animated video and are typically used for quick and easy visuals. They can be created with software like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator and often use minor detail than animation. This makes them great for creating visuals that need to be quick and easy to understand, such as product videos or infographics. If you are looking to exhibit your complex services or products and present them in a visually interesting way, you may need a motion graphics designer to take care of it for you.

Animation: Animated graphic design is used to create realistic motion graphics. It is one of the best storytelling techniques that can be used for things like creating animated logos, website videos, or even menus. Animation can be time-consuming and requires a lot of skill, but it can be gratifying when creating realistic visuals.


In the above sections, we had a look at the difference between motion graphics and animation. Motion graphics are often used for creating static or informational pieces, such as web pages or infographics. On the other hand, the animation is used more for imaginative purposes, such as telling a story or excitingly conveying information. Both motion graphics and animation have advantages and disadvantages, so choosing the right one for your project is essential.

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