Everything You Need to Know about Voice Audio Books

For a reading aficionado, the sky is the limit. With audiobooks, one can enjoy a good book anywhere, anytime. You can be engrossed in the book while on a walk or maybe you can enjoy your drive while delving deep into the magic of words. Audiobooks are a boon to the always-on-the-go millennial generation.

The narrator’s voice creates an aura and makes the read even more exciting. If you are new to the voice audiobooks and wondering if it is expensive or worth it, reading this blog will help you steer in the right direction. Here are five things you need to know about voice audiobooks:

1. Multiple Ways to Listen to an Audio Book
Are you still stuck to the old CD player? Download and switch to your go-to device, the omnipresent smartphone, or the latest tablet. You may even invest in an e-reader for the audiobook. All you need is a comparison of the prices of the audiobooks that you need to buy and check their compatibility with your device. How amazing would it be to connect your audiobook to your smart home device and enjoy the enigma of the words while sitting in your comfort zone!

2. Hit the Buy button or Subscribe
You may be caught between the war of hitting the ‘buy’ button vs a dent in your pocket. This dilemma is easily solved through subscribing to an audiobook membership program which will help you to save a few bucks and let you indulge in the membership benefits along with a couple of free audiobooks, to begin with.

3. Comparison of Price with E-Book
You may wonder there is no printing cost involved and audiobooks may be as reasonably priced as the e-books. However, the fact is that narration costs make audiobooks more expensive than printed books and e-books. The narration costs hover from $100 to $500 per finished hour, and if you incorporate the charges of 9-10 hours that take in finishing a book, the prices of audiobooks shoot up much higher than e-books. The costs of audiobooks are sometimes twice as much as the Kindle books or the hard copy. Who says learning can be cheap?

4. Compare the Space Occupied by Audio Books vs E-Books
Have you been comparing the size of music albums with the audiobooks? You may be surprised to see that the audiobooks take up a lot of space. For a high quality, downloaded audible book, you need 28-30 MB of space while the standard version of the same will take up almost 15 MB. Compare this with a music album of ten songs consuming around 45 MB of memory.

You need to understand the space available in the internal memory of your Kindle edition and see if you can add additional memory to your device, like attaching a micro SD card, for more space.

5. Choose a Compatible Audio Book Medium
Different audiobooks have different Digital Rights Management (DRM) systems, and you have to choose the audiobook platform corresponding to the gadget you use. It would help if you were watchful of the audiobooks you download from one platform as it may not be compatible with the other platform. You will have to open the downloaded audiobook will using the apps in sync with that particular platform.

To exemplify, a book bought on Audible (which is compatible with Amazon products) will not play with Google Play Books on Android.

It is best if you judiciously choose the audiobook stores and compare their prices, compare their compatibility with your device, and analyse the features and conditions offered by each platform.

Final Words
Audiobooks are a great tool to learn and explore. The wave of audiobooks is a trend that is here to stay, and you can be sure not to miss the intriguing plot while at the climax. Listen while as you work or drive, and you will almost reach the end. Also, there will be no distractions while you are in the middle of your read.

Happy audio reading peeps!

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