How can explainer videos benefit tourism marketing?

Travel is a way for people to widen their horizons, engage with new cultures, and view life from a fresh viewpoint. However, the promotion of tourism frequently fails to connect its advertising strategies to the experience of traveling. Travel and tourism advertisements usually lack imagination and are genre specific. However, they do not need to be now.
In the lives of consumers, video is a common medium for spreading information. Consumption of travel related videos is quite common in this field of business. Online videos are watched by consumers to become aware and purchase the new travel packages throughout the whole customer experience, mostly to make travel decisions.
If you have a well-designed website with several pages detailing your service offerings as well as your company’s beliefs and culture, an explainer video may truly help you reach your target audience and your firm to stand out. When seeking things to do in a given location, 63% of leisure and business visitors watch travel videos of all kinds. Explainer video certainly provides a more complete and in-depth perspective of how a tour experience is conducted, and it may fix issues that prevent a traveler from clicking the “purchase” button.
Let’s discuss the benefits of having an explainer video for your company and the best ways to include it in your tourism video marketing plan.

What is an explainer video?

An explainer video can be used as a marketing strategy to briefly outline your company’s key products and services and to provide your target market with information about you and what you do. This short-term video is typically used to effectively illustrate a company’s product, service, or business concept. Explainer videos are typically hosted by businesses on their landing pages or shown on the front page of their websites. A corporate overview is the type of explainer video that is mostly in demand. There are other kinds of explainer videos that can help you educate your audience.

  • Company Overview
  • Product/Service Overview
  • Hybrid meet-the-team

Tourism videos are an excellent approach to promoting your business or tourist location, whether you’re a hotel or a local tourism board. These videos have benefitted the tourism industry in numerous ways.

How video can benefit tourism marketing

  • Your customers will quickly get familiar with your brand – Making the most of your time each day is essential to achieving your short-term and long-term objectives in the fast-paced environment we all work in. Great pictures are important, much like videos, but they only communicate a part of the story. Video is an effective platform for showcasing your identity and work. An explainer video provides a potential new client with a high-level overview of your business, making it easier for them to determine whether they’re interested in continuing with your services. If your trip or activity is suitable for them, potential clients can determine with the help of a video.
  • Helps potential customers understand more complex activities – Explainer videos may make information more understandable and available. By focusing on your potential clients, explainer videos let you see results more quickly than ever before. Video is the best medium for swiftly imparting understanding for more difficult tasks that call for extensive explanation. Using animation, you may convey complicated concepts in a way that is simple for anybody viewing to comprehend. This medium makes it easier for a large audience to comprehend the main points of an activity or issue by breaking up your communications or content into smaller bits.
  • Video can display your brand personality to set you apart – Compared to images or words, the video makes it easier and faster for your brand personality to be seen. Your video may define your tone and personality to make it easier for customers to relate to you and discover how you stand out from the competition. Simply put, an explainer video is a clear description of the services provided by your company. People who don’t know about you yet can discover everything from beginning to end without having to read through countless pages of text. When combined with soothing or appealing music, the video may further improve the tone and message of your brand.
  • Customers may experience emotion & excitement through video – The viewer’s emotions can be affected by seeing a video. A video of an actual participant on your tour or activity is like reading a customer review in three dimensions. The ideal way for someone to do it themselves is by watching videos and experiencing it through one of your previous guests’ experiences. The basis of effective narrative, empathy, may also be evoked in viewers through the video. Customers will feel more comfortable and begin to trust your brand when they can identify the person behind your business.
  • Boost conversions on landing pages – Video content has been shown to boost engagement rates by 80%. In less than two minutes, explainer videos may be used to quickly and simply demonstrate how a product or service operates. To increase engagement rates, they are typically embedded on landing pages or appealing tourism options. Because watching a video is more convenient than reading a lengthy article, these videos have been shown to increase traffic. Explainer videos have also been shown to increase Return on Investment (ROI) by guaranteeing that viewers of your website perform the desired action after seeing the video.
  • Promote your brand on social media – You may include explainer videos in your social media posts. These videos may be added to a corporate channel on YouTube, pinned to the top of your Twitter feed, or used in a Facebook advertising campaign. Create unique video material that will interest visitors and provide instructions for tourism-related information.

The popularity of video won’t decline but rather grow. In terms of tourism marketing, there are no restrictions on creativity, and these videos play a big role in your overall travel video marketing strategy. Marketing professionals use these tourism video marketing techniques to help flourish businesses.
Please get in touch with DUBnSUB if you’re interested in finding out more about how explainer video services might benefit your travel and tourism business.

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