How to become a Voice-over Artist for Commercials?

Commercial voice-over is one of the most lucrative genres in the voice-over industry. It plays a critical role in getting the brand message across the world. Voice-over helps to provide additional information about the product or service of the company and persuades the audience to make a purchase. This can be anything from a washing machine to a luxury holiday. These commercials usually broadcast on TV, radio, internet, podcasts, or through mobile applications.

If you’re considering how to start your voice-over career in commercials, these tips, combined with hard work and persistence, can help ease the process.

1. Eligibility and skills required

Before venturing into the field of commercial voice acting, it is essential to be aware of the eligibility and skills required to become a voice-over actor. There is no particular qualification required. However, aspiring voice actors must master the following to land their dream job.

• A confident voice
• Voice clarity and accurate pronunciation
• Ability to modulate his/her voice according to the character’s performance
• A strong work ethic

Moreover, the voice actor must be strong enough to accept criticism and rejection. For example, if you’re not meeting the needs of the client and the product you’re selling, the client won’t hesitate to tell you when you’re doing something wrong. In such scenarios, you should accept your mistakes and work on improving them instead of arguing with the casting director.

2. Find a voice coach

Since you don’t need any higher qualification to become a voice actor, it doesn’t mean it is entirely self-taught. Seeking the guidance of a voice coach is essential to succeed in the field of voice acting. A voice coach can teach how to create characters, deliver your lines, maintain voice health, and create a quality demo reel to get your next big gig.

You can find a voice coach either in your local area or online. In-person sessions are always preferred, but it is better to choose a quality teacher remotely rather than a non-experienced local coach.

An excellent coach is the one who tells you about your strengths and weaknesses. He points out the areas in your voice delivery that requires improvement. Hence, make sure he’s honest, experienced, and knows the potential and current condition of the voice-over industry.

3. Create a demo reel

Making a reel should be your top priority if you want to be successful in this genre. A voice artist should have a reel of 55-75 second recordings. It must show that you can sell a product or service persuasively while meeting the needs of the client. Also, make sure that the music you’re using in your reel matches the product you are trying to sell.

4. Find commercial voice-over jobs

Now that you have developed your skills and created a demo reel, you can finally start looking for jobs. The most effective method is to pitch to voice-over companies directly and show your willingness to work with them. You can also approach various voice-over communities where there is always someone looking for voice talents to collaborate with. Another option can be casting call boards. Here, you will find multiple job postings and can send your demo reel to the one that interests you the most.

5. Tips for auditioning

Auditioning for a role involves recording the lines provided by the project’s casting director and sending those back for feedback. It may seem like an effortless and straightforward task. But in reality, you need to consider various elements to bag your dream project.

• Before you record your audition, make sure you have all the necessary tools such as a laptop, a high-quality microphone, a soundproof room, and editing software.
• The next thing is to practice the sample script. Try to analyze the script as a customer instead of just reading it. Especially for commercials, voice actors must understand the brand message to bring the script to life.
• Do proper research about the product or service of the company.
• Finally, submit your recording for consideration.

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