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9 Tips To Choose the Best Localization services

If you are looking for a new region for your game, then you must introduce it through video game localization services, which makes the game suitable for the new region. Every region has its history, and to make good connections in a new region, you have to localize your game according to its culture, target language, and history. For accurate and precise video game localization services, the use of target language skills, professional translators, voice over actors, human translators, and multiple devices is essential. The professional game localization companies such as Dun N Sub focuses on the target market and target audience for the best possible response.

What Are Video Game Localization Services?

Video game localization services simply mean that your video game is suitable for a new region by adapting localized content according to the region. A professional video game localization service includes all the factors, like the character’s dialogue and the text that is used as a guide in the beginning. These video game localization services also offer the video game translation of subtitles and instructions with the help of expert native translators and voice actors. 

How to Choose a Game Localization Service Provider?

There are various factors around here that you have to consider before choosing a professional video game localization company and services. Here is a list of factors, step by step, so that you can choose an ideal localization service provider for your video game. 

Determine Your Needs

Consider your needs according to the required location and try to decide what services you want,  and which type of video game localization services you need. So to maintain clarity choose your needs in the beginning and ask for them. 

What Languages are you looking for?

Before hiring a video game localization service, make sure which language you have to choose so that you can localize your video game. Sometimes a single language translator has many other options for video game translation in other dialects. For accurate dialects and to avoid any mistakes, choose a professional game localization company.

Do your research

Now, it’s time for some raw work. That is, you have to look for suitable professional video game localization services. You have to do research on your own and consider some factors for comparison. Choose a professional game localization service that has experts, native translators, and professional voice actors. 

Make sure the video game localization services provider offers localization services

You have to make sure in the beginning that you are choosing translation services along with game localization services because every professional translation service doesn’t offer video game localization services. Similarly, in the case of freelancers, make sure they do both. Choose a game localization service that offers both translation services and video game localization services.

Ask For Referrals

Tap into your network for recommendations on language service providers. Positive experiences from friends, family, or colleagues can boost your search. Referrals simply justify a record of quality, saving you time and providing the quality assurance, for a smooth game localization process.

Know about their game Localization Process

Look for one that prioritizes quality with a rigorous review stage. This goes beyond simple grammar checks, ensuring your message is culturally appropriate and resonates with your target audience. A thorough review game localization process acts as a final safeguard for developers, preventing errors and guaranteeing a smooth transition of your content into a new market.

Check Reviews

It’s your responsibility to read testimonials from past clients who hired that game localization service provider. Consider going a step further by contacting these reviewers directly. Their firsthand experiences offer valuable insights beyond the company’s claims, helping you choose a reliable partner for the localization involves in your project.

Check Compatibility

Choose a video game localization service you click with, not just one with qualifications.  Communication and mutual decision-making are key  – especially for long-term projects like video and mobile games –. A bad decision about choosing a video game localization service can make a year feel much longer.

Sign an Agreement

You have to make sure that all the conditions are formalized in an agreement. Formalize your agreement with a contract. A clear, well-defined contract protects both you and the game localization service provider, ensuring a smooth project flow and avoiding potential disputes down the road. Consult your legal team or a lawyer to ensure everything is clear and precisely done from the beginning of the game localization project. 


These are some key factors that you should keep in mind before choosing any video game localization services. Dubnsub is a professional video game localization company which offers video game localization services that satisfies all your demands and needs. We offer multiple languages for in-game text and focus on native languages of gamers for the maximum outcome.

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