The benefits of using Animated Videos on Landing Pages

Landing pages can be a great asset for creating great first impressions for your visitors and then turning those visitors into leads. But, to succeed, you’ll need to optimize your page to prevent visitors from bouncing and keep them engaged with your offer until they’re persuaded to convert. Including animated videos on your landing page can help with this task. Take a look.

What is a landing page?

A landing page is a standalone web page on your site that is specifically designed to convert visitors into prospective customers. Unlike other pages which give the visitors a chance to explore about the company or services, typically landing pages work as a call to action (CTA) to convert visitors.

Simply put, a landing page consists of lead gen forms that convince potential customers to share personal details (name, e-mail) in exchange for offers like free trials or discounts.

Videos capture the attention of visitors

Making your prospects feel involved with your brand is one of the most challenging aspects of converting them. Including animated videos on a landing page is an excellent approach to getting people to engage. You have a solid chance of keeping visitors interested in your brand and product if you capture their attention with exciting animated videos.

People like watching rather than reading

Most individuals would rather watch some media than read a page full of text because observing is typically easier than doing. According to Wyzowl’s recent research, 79 percent of consumers prefer to watch rather than read.

Furthermore, because people’s attention spans are so short, marketers have seconds to attract and hold their audience’s attention. Visitors may not stay long enough on a landing page to convert if they have to read a page’s content to learn about your brand and product. Rather, they would prefer watching animated videos that summarize about the product/services that you offer.

Videos create emotional connections

People respond to emotional cues whether or not they are aware of them at the moment. As a result, it’s critical to know that animated video has a considerably higher possibility of evoking an emotional response from your viewers than text or images alone. This is especially true when using persuasive components like music, animation, actors, voice-overs, and other features in your film.

Animated videos explain complex products more effectively

Animated videos are an excellent method to give visitors a lot of helpful information in a short amount of time and creating a well-optimized landing page for your company/brand. This is imperative if your product is complicated because a well-designed animated video can teach customers how to use it more quickly and effectively than text. Furthermore, the advantages of your offer can be communicated easily. You may also add animated videos on your call to action landing pages to generate leads.

Animated videos outperform images or no media at all in getting results

Preparing well-designed landing pages may be enough to persuade visitors to click your call to action button and increase conversions. Even better, include animated video content and related photographs on your landing page to convert visitors into potential customers. Nothing compares to the power of a well strategised animated video to increase engagement and conversion rates on your website.

Animated videos improve your site’s SEO

Very much like us, Google’s algorithm loves animated videos too. Including them on your website and landing pages will improve your SEO and help you rank higher in the search.

Having a well-designed animated video will also mean that viewers will spend more time on your page viewing the content. This increases the time your potential customer spends on your site, a contributing factor when Google is crawling for pages to display in its search engines.


Optimizing each landing page, you create entirely is vital to generating more leads and serving new customers. A landing page video can help you prevent visitors from bouncing, keeping them engaged and persuading them to convert.

If you’d like to know more about our animation video creation process, and how we can help your company promote itself with fully-customized animated video content, contact us today! We have the most advanced technology, a great team of expert animators, and the correct type of insight into animation technology to provide you with the best animated videos for your website’s landing pages.

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