What are the Three Stages of Video Production Process?

Making your first video/film doesn’t have to be complicated; remember to think about every element during the video production process itself, that will go into the final video product (before you bust out the lights, camera, and action sequences).

This article has been created to assist first-time video makers/filmmakers in understanding the whole video making process from script to screen. We’ll go over some key pointers to help you succeed at each of the three stages of video making.

What are the three phases of video production?

Any video production/film production is divided into three phases: pre-production (planning), production (filming), and post-production (editing) (editing, colour-grading, and visual effects).

Pre-Production process

The planning stage is the first production phase – the pre-production stage. You may end up with an unsatisfactory final result no matter how much time and money you spend on filming and editing if your initial strategy and production crew aren’t good.

Pre-production is when you gather all of your ideas for the video project – generally at a pre-production meeting – decide your budget and put together a team to make it all happen.

Writing and planning are the two fundamental components of pre-production phase. These elements can be split down further as follows:

Research and Development (R&D), script development, storyboarding, planning, scheduling, casting, and location scouting.

Production process

Everyone is on board, and the creative concept has been established. It is time to start recording your raw footage and acquiring other forms of videos, such as stock footage or archival footage, for your video production.

When it comes to the production phase, the real process begins. It is time to bring your raw materials – script and storyboard to life once you have authorised them.

Filming, recording sound, voice overs, and acquiring additional production elements such as archival footage or images are all part of this step of video production.

During this stage, you will direct the performers, set up lights and cameras, acquire props, hire a crew (if you don’t already have one), and organise the shoot on site for the video project.

Post-Production process

Now that you have all of your video and audio files, it is time to put them together into a post production pipeline and turn it into an excellent finished video project. This work is completed at the post-production stage, and the video editing is done – graphics or visual effects are applied at this stage of production to all the footage.

Sound editing and music, colour correction, and final touches like title slides or credits are all part of the post production phase where sound engineers and video editor play a very vital role at this stage of production.

All footage is recorded and transcribed throughout the video editing process for over several months so that the crew can make selections. During a typical filming process, a rough cut – the initial version of a film in which the shape and story of the production are visible – is generated first, followed by the fine cut (the final version of a film obtained by further editing a rough cut). Every second of your video is edited to fit the fine cut.

What is a rough cut?

The rough edit or first draft of a film/video is essential because it is an early version of the complete film, with some aspects still missing but giving everyone a sense of what they are working towards.

Film production phase

Following the director’s or directing team’s approval of the rough edit, the video production process proceeds to add motion graphics (moving text or pictures) and visual effects if required in the film/video. Further, this final video footage is produced in front of the directors and producers for approval.

To Conclude

The film making can be an overwhelming process, but one can ace the entire video production process with the right amount of planning.

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