Can A.I. replace Voice Actors?

The term artificial intelligence seems to be thrown around a lot at the moment. In the next few years, the A.I. industry is expected to grow at a much faster pace. More developers and data scientists across the world have begun leveraging this platform to create innovative and automated processes.

But, what does artificial intelligence means?

Artificial Intelligence, or A.I., is an area of computer science concerned with creating machines that can function intelligently and independently. A.I. is used in cars, smartphones, video games, banking, and many other aspects of our daily life. For example, if you’ve ever told Alexa to play a song, you’re probably interacting with artificial intelligence. In short, A.I. creates systems incorporated with human-like intelligence to perform tasks as we do. It provides machines with the capability to adapt, reason, and provide solutions.

Now the question is, how will the human race cope with this technological advancement?

Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple, has warned that computers are going to take over most human tasks and the future is scary for people. Famous personalities like Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk also stated A.I. as a threat to humanity.

Moreover, NBC published an article titled “Nine jobs that humans may lose to robots.” The article explained how robots are currently performing tasks that were once done by humans. The list includes pharmacists, astronauts, babysitters, soldiers, rescuers, drivers, store clerks, lawyers, sportswriters, and other reporters.

But, for specific tasks that require human emotions, values, and intonation, artificial intelligence has still a long way to go. One such job is human voiceovers.

Why are voiceover actors safe?

Let’s find out why technology has a long way to go before it can completely replace the jobs of voiceover actors.

1. Human element

There is a human and emotional element in our voices that machines cannot replicate. They usually sound monotonous, which can make the content boring. Imagine listening to your favourite cartoon, movie, or an audiobook in a robotic voice. It wouldn’t be exciting.

2. Unique tonal inflections

Have you ever wondered why you can recognize your friend’s voice in a crowd? Because every human has a unique tone, inflection, timing, and resonance to their speech. Moreover, such factors make us feel that sense of connection with each other. And, this kind of emotive and unique voice might not be possible for the machines in the next 20-30 years.

3. Lack of judgment

One of the significant drawbacks of A.I. is its inability to make judgment calls. Because of this, computers can’t decide when to change their intonation based on context and new information.
Thus, until robots are programmed to speak with the same tonality and inflection of the human voice, the voiceover actor’s job isn’t likely to go anywhere for the time being.

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