The Evolution of Audio Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) in Modern Time

Audio and Virtual Reality is still very young, yet it still manages to capture the day and will reign over the future era. The fields of gaming, social networking, digital marketing, and dubbing have practically taken a 360-degree turn with the humble evolution of the concepts of audio reality and virtual reality.

From a bunch of beeps and bleeps, the gaming era has witnessed dynamism. You can play, envisage or let your mind wander in this alternate world with your hi-tech audio and virtual reality systems. Facebook bought Oculus Rift for a whopping $2 billion, and it was a rage. The reason Mark Zuckerberg invested in virtual reality is to be able to create communication, expression, and creativity to the next level, much beyond the realm of usual cellphones and pictures.

VR is Here to Stay
Virtual reality (VR) and Audio reality (AR) were initially used for gaming and developing super fun apps. The evolving dynamics of Virtual Reality have brought us the VR of today, something that is very real for the brain to conceptualize and visualize. There are several fields where Virtual reality is gaining popularity because of evolution.

To be able to enjoy the enriching experience of sharing a live 360-degree view of a dream destination or your best buddy’s wedding, today’s VR makes it possible to see the world with a single click. ‘Seeing to believe’ or ‘seeing is believing’ is the live mantra.

Evolution Since the 1960s
Could you imagine a game or a show on TV that never ends or takes the shape of what your brain wants it to be? Not until the 1960s when virtual reality began its evolution in an embryo state. The Military was using it for war simulations; hence the use of the technology came to light.

The countries involved in VR research and clinical areas of VR application has seen enormous growth ever since the 1960s when it was conceived. What started as an idea back then has now seen tremendous research in the field, extending benefits across the various platforms, including soft skills like communications.

There have been bottlenecks in the process, but VR is actively taking the shape of the mind and imagination. The models of mobile phones have updated and evolved since the disruptive contribution of VR and augmented reality in communication and human interaction.

After Facebook acquired Oculus, many new companies like Sony, Samsung, HTC, and Google are making considerable investments in virtual reality and augmented reality. A boom is further expected in the field of virtual and augmented reality, paving the way for ‘hotter’ developments. Surprisingly VR is becoming one of the highly sought after stocks for investments.

Along with the boom in virtual reality, audio reality has not trailed off far behind. Audio reality is the backbone of virtual reality and has come a long way in impacting the sense of hearing with the knowledge of seeing what you believe. To avoid any discrepancy between the virtual and real world the audio truth has pitched in and evolved at a faster pace.

Over to the Major Benefactors
Shooting movies and documentaries have become a lot more captivating thanks to virtual reality and the dynamic sounds that create out-of-this-world environments and compelling story-telling. The spatial effects and the virtual reality imagery have made virtual tourism and movies based on it so gripping.

‘Lights, camera, action’ and we are ready to go just about anywhere!

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