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Video Game Voice-overs: 5 Tips for Beginners

The video game industry has never looked back ever since its emergence. It is among the top revenue earning industries and has millions of subscribers all over the world. The booming of the industry has simultaneously generated a demand for key players, and the voice-over artist is one of them. Thus, a good voice-over artist bestowed with a naturally great voice is always in high demand in the gaming industry.
Now, this can be a lucrative reason for any voice-over artist who is launching his career.

However, since you are a beginner, you will need to remember these five tips to operate as a professional.

1. Emphasize on clarity of voice

What you instruct through a gaming video must be distinctively understandable by the players. This implies there should be clarity in your voice. You have to be distinct in whatever you say. Moreover, there should not be very heavy accents or jargon in your speech either, as you are supposed to talk to the global audience.

Additionally, you must have complete control over the volume of your speech. It must not be too loud or too low.

So, always pay attention to the volume control of your audio recording software when you record your voice for the gaming video.

2. Pacing is important

Pacing is the next vital factor to consider when you record your first audio for a gaming video. Pacing indicates the gap that you give in between two spoken words.

If you utter a sentence hurriedly with almost no gap between the words, your target audience will miss lots of information regarding the game.
Similarly, longer pauses than usual in between words are not desirable either.

Your audience will get bored and lose interest in the game. So, inappropriate pacing will harm the acceptance of your gaming video.

3. Tone matters

The quality of your is an equally vital factor that determines the acceptability of your gaming video.

The players who listen to your voice instructions must not get a feeling that you are commanding them to do something. Also, they must not feel that you are acting too friendly because the audience will promptly understand that you are too fake.

So, maintain a neutral yet welcoming tone when you give the voice-over for the gaming video.

4. Versatility counts

You can cast a strong foothold in the gaming industry and maintain your success consistently if your voice has versatility. It implies that if you can modulate your voice and give voice-over to several characters in the gaming video, then you will be in great demand in the gaming industry as a versatile voice-over artist.

So, practice voice modulation so that your voice can find expression in different characters.

5. Be an actor

The players cannot see the person who is giving voice to different characters in the game or providing them with instructions on the game. Nevertheless, a voice-over artist must be a great actor.

When players enter a gaming ambience, they get completely absorbed in it. If this ambience is missing in a game, it ceases to gain popularity.

This feeling can only be generated if the characters sound natural and their expressions appear real to the players. So, it entirely depends upon the skills of the voice-over artist whether he can make the characters larger than life through the charisma of his voice or not.

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