Are you using Whiteboard Animation Videos? STOP – Read this First!

What is whiteboard animation?

Whiteboard animation is a type of video technique that shows the viewer the creation of static graphics on the screen. The images are tagged along with narration that takes the listener through the story delivered inside the drawing. These animations might be simple but are entertaining. Whiteboard animation can be a potent tool for engagement and such videos can be tailored to a range of sectors without the fluff seen in other types of videos.

Benefits of whiteboard animation:

  1. Reduces the bounce rate of your website pages: There are various strategies to minimize your website’s bounce rate, but one of the most effective is to use whiteboard animation movies. According to a recent study, visitors spend 2.5 times more time on video pages than those without video.
  2. Making your message stand out: When compared to a ‘talking head’ movie, whiteboard cartoon videos result in a 15% boost in information retention. Your whiteboard animation will work for a viewer whether they prefer an auditory, kinesthetic, or visual delivery thanks to the combination of storytelling, graphic language, voiceover, and onscreen text.
  3. The versatility of whiteboard animation: Using whiteboard video marketing, your message must work on a small screen and in more traditional settings, depending on your target demographic. Whiteboard animation videos can cram a lot of information into a limited amount of time and space while keeping it instructive, engaging, and appealing to the eye. They can do this whether they’re being seen on a smartphone, a smart TV, or even a monitor.
  4. Unlocking the power of storytelling: Using tactics like visual metaphors to transform the subject into something more familiar, visual storytelling in business may make complex messages and esoteric ideas more approachable. Similarly, visual storytelling approaches can repackage essential but not always exciting information into pictures and narratives that are memorable and amusing.

Who should use whiteboard animation

  • Marketers employed in the technology, healthcare, and finance sectors
  • Businesses with a game-changing concept
  • Marketers that work with businesses to businesses(B2B)
  • Thought leaders and content makers who are attempting to educate their target audience
  • Those who want to add to existing audio content (mainly if it’s instructional)
  • Organizations that are not for profit

When one should use whiteboard animation

Note that it all depends on your messaging, your marketing objectives, and the product or service you’re trying to market if you wish to use such types of animation. You can avail yourself whiteboard animation:

  • When your products or services are complex or technically demanding.
  • When comprehensive information needs to be covered.
  • When you want to show off your storytelling skills in an eye-catching way.

Below are some of the common mistakes to avoid while using whiteboard animation

  • A video of a whiteboard without a drawing hand
  • A video of a whiteboard with a coloured background
  • Drawings that are not connected
  • Changing the Cartoon Style on the Whiteboard dreadful (or non-existing) animations

Note that the audiences’ preferences change over time, and the onus is on the video marketers to find the video type that resonates well with the audience. Usage trends have shown that whiteboard animation is effective under various use cases.

If you’d like to know more about our animation creation process, and how we can help your company promote themselves with fully-customized whiteboard video content, contact us today!

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