Why are Podcasts so popular in 2021? Why are more People Listening to Podcasts?

Listening to podcasts on varieties of topics has become a routine for many people across the globe. They prefer podcasts over newspapers, magazines, or video clips, for news, entertainment, education, or information.  Although podcasts have been around since long, their popularity in the current times has reached new heights. The simple technology, compatibility with many smart platforms, 24×7 access, innovative and affordable audio devices and revolution in audio or voice technology have all contributed to its enormous success in the present times.

The increasing popularity of Podcasts

COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant role in making podcasts a roaring success in the last couple of years. Although the technology is not new, it came into its full flare during corona lockdown. Here are some excellent reasons to justify the increasing popularity of podcasts in the current times:

  • Allow multi-tasking and save time.

People hardly have time to sit and listen to an audio clip or a music piece, leaving all other work at a standstill. Podcasts allow the audience to do additional work along with listening and hence saves time. Research indicates that most people listen to podcasts or audio blogs while driving, cooking, cleaning, baking, gardening, exercising, or jogging. This multi-tasking makes the work enjoyable, and the audio content also finds its target audience at the same time.

  • An easy to access and economical way to catch up with the latest happenings

After music, news streaming and tabloid podcasts are the second most popular audio content among the audiences. The free online podcast helps catch up with the latest happenings around the globe, be it in politics, sports, share market, education, or weather, without actually sparing any extra time for that. Downloading the podcast gives you a chance of repeated listening or listening in parts.

  • Podcasts are super entertaining.

Apart from working to keep you in touch with the moving world, podcasts are super entertainers. Podcasts entertain through varieties of formats, like live conversations, in-conference conversations, interviews, live concerts, late-night shows, storytelling, and live interactive or participatory sessions. The most popular and in-demand podcast categories are food, hobbies, music, sports, crime and thriller, and daily audio drama serials.

What does it take to make a podcast?

Every podcast is a synergistic activity of many experts, namely the content creator, voice artists, sound or audio engineers, voice dubbing artists, voice dubbing and audio production companies, computer experts, computer hardware like servers, and servers and smart audio devices.  There are podcast hosting services available that takes care of all these details.

Podcasts in 2021 and beyond

The innovations in voice technology, development of excellent, intelligent speakers, new voice assistants coming up every day, technological revolution in the form of AI and more people opting for audio devices ensures a boom in podcasts in the times to come. The multi-facet technology has found its niche in the busy life of young and old alike and is here to stay for good. With more and more business companies investing in podcasts as a means of branding, we will live in the era of this technology for a good time.

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