Different types of Animation Styles and Techniques – Which is Your Pick?

Animation is a great form of video to connect with the viewers and can be an excellent tool to promote your brand or business that is made with the help of a professional animation studio and skillful animation professional.

Animation Styles

Animations can have different styles and can involve various techniques. Different animation styles have their unique outcome and each suit best to a specific purpose. Here is a quick look at commonly used animation styles.

  • Traditional or 2D animation

It is the oldest style where the animator draws every frame by hand and creates an animated scene. Creation flexibility makes it the first choice for cartoons, explainer videos, promotional videos, etc. This style is still prevalent with the use of particular types of computer tablets.

  • 3D Animation

3D animation allows the creation of realistic experiences and has immense applications in fields like architecture and medicine. It is helpful for full-length 3D movies, commercials, interactive advertisements, etc. However, it is a more time and labour-intensive process.

  • Rotoscope animation

This style of animation involves live-action footage and then tracing over it with a tool called rotoscope. It is the same as tracing photographs onto glass plates in traditional style. It is cheaper than 3D and best for commercials.

  • Stop motion animation

it is one of the oldest animation styles used in various classic animated movies. The creators capture pictures of still objects in a pre-defined sequence. The animator then strings them together and creates an illusion of movement. It does not need expensive equipment and facilities.

  • Motion capture

It is a modern version of 3D animation where creators create highly realistic animations. Motion capture is mostly the style used in the gaming industry to create realistic character animations with the help of computer graphics.

  • Mechanical animation

Mechanical animation is most suited to the engineering field. It involves animating every detail of a machine to create an informative animated visualization. It is helpful to break down the configurations of mechanical objects to make readjustments before coming up with the final product.

  • Typography animation

It is creating animated text, primarily used in movies for making attractive title screens and other credentials. It is affordable and exciting.

  • Claymation

An acronym for Clay animation, this style involves making clay characters and then photographing their movements. It is a type of stop motion animation popularly used in children’s movies.

  • Cut-out animation

The creators use paper cut-outs of the characters and superimpose them on the animated theme. It is similar to shadow puppets and is suitable for cartoons.

Which style will you pick?

Each style has its unique application and impact. Today, technology has taken an enormous leap, and most animations are computer-generated imagery. (CGI). The best way out is to visit the animation studio for the expertise and the professional touch. There are many 3D animation studios in Delhi NCR including us – DUBnSUB. We have the most advanced technology, a great team of expert animators, and the correct type of insight into the animation technology to provide you with the best animation video.

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