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The Benefits of Real-time Captioning

There are several situations when the audience attending seminars and conferences faces a lot of difficulties in understanding what the speaker says. It might be due to the disturbances in the event venue, the lower voice of the speaker, or low-quality sound systems. In such a situation, using live captions can be an optimal solution to ensure that audiences receive the said message effectively. Wondering what is live caption? Let’s take a look.

Real-time captioning

Real-time captioning, also known as live captioning is the process of captioning live broadcasts, speeches, conferences, and other live events. It helps in displaying what is being said in text format for easy understanding of the audience. In simple terms, real-time captioning means the creation of relevant captions while the words are still being spoken by the speaker or video content is being displayed.

While the demand for e-learning has increased during the covid-19 pandemic, real-time captioning proves to be beneficial for educational establishments. Live captionis widely being used in presentations and lectures to ensure enhanced e-learning experiences. Not only educational institutes but businesses can also be greatly benefited by real-time captioning.

Benefits of Real-time Captioning

  • Helping aid for individuals with hearing impairment

Real-time captions are boon for people who are deaf and hard-of-hearing. They often have to face limited exposure during a session/conference. Live captions provide accessibility to these individuals and help improve their understanding and engagement.

  • Increases Engagement

Whether you are delivering an online lecture or conducting an online business meeting, real-time captioning helps in increasing the engagement level of the audience. According to studies, a majority of people in the world are visual learners. So, displaying visual texts on the screen will help the audience grasp the summary of the session, note down important key points, in return, engage better, and stay focused on what is being discussed.

Businesses can leverage voice captioning. It will ensure that every word of the speaker is understood by the audience properly. With better understanding, the audiences will find the conference interesting, and the business can convey its message effectively.

  • Better Understanding

Ever been in a situation where you could not understand what the speaker was saying due to noisy surroundings? Well, you would have experienced it at one point of time in your life. Real-time caption solves this problem – written texts help the audience to understand the speech in a better way. It is beneficial for non-native English speakers too as it helps to learn correct pronunciations, spellings, improve vocabulary, etc.

  • Makes Content Better Accessible for Students

In the e-learning landscape, students often face difficulty in making notes while the teacher is teaching. Here the use of real-time captioning can help. It ensures that students can make notes and do not miss out on any word spoken by the teacher. It enables the students to grasp all the important points and fully absorb all the lessons taught. This, in turn, increases the confidence level of the students and allows them to actively participate in online classes.

Winding Up

Now that you know the perks of real-time captioning for businesses as well as education, it is time to add captions to your content. With the live captions, you can deliver optimal experiences to your audience and ensure better engagement.

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