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Explainer Videos: Choosing the Right Pro Voice Actor

Explainer videos have become a vital part of the marketing strategy of businesses. It helps in increasing the overall sales of products and services. To make the best explainer videos, most businesses hire pro voice actors. The professional voice actors bring in years of experience and expertise and know the right way to connect with the audience better. The pro voice actors also help in enhancing the quality of your explainer video and building trust among the audience. However, choosing the right pro voice actor is not an easy task. Different voice actors have different voice-over styles and carry unique qualities.

Here are some important things to consider while choosing the right pro voice actor for your explainer videos.

1. Type of Project

When choosing the right pro voice for your explainer videos, the first thing to consider is the project type. It refers to the type of information that you want to convey to your target audience. Different voice actors have different specialties. While some are good at expressing and evoking emotions, others may be efficient at storytelling and capturing the attention of the audience. Depending on the industry you are operating in and the type of project you are dealing with, you can easily choose the right pro voice actor for your explainer video.

2. Tone

The tone or quality of voice of the professional voice actor matters a lot. So, make sure to consider this factor also to make the right choice. In recent times, most explainer videos make use of conversational tones that seem to be friendly and approachable. Look for a pro voice actor possessing a tone that can influence your target audience and help you achieve your ultimate goals.

3. Accent

Most of the explainer videos are made in English. However, it can also be done in other languages depending on the geographical region that you are targeting. Language and accent play a very important role in determining the quality and acceptability of the explainer videos. If you are making an explainer video for a specific audience belonging to a particular geographic location, make sure to choose a pro voice actor who is fluent in that accent and language. This will help in making your video look more natural and allow your audience to connect better.

4. Gender and Age

Gender and age are other vital factors to consider while choosing the right pro voice actor for your explainer videos. Studies show that often people consider male voices to be forceful while female voices are considered to be more soothing and likely to sell better. However, the choice of male or female voice actor mainly depends on which type of audience your campaign targets and to whom they can relate better. Here age is also an important factor. For instance, if you are targeting young people, choosing a pro voice actor with an upbeat and expressive voice helps. On the other hand, if you are focusing on the older demographics, choosing a voice actor with a mature and deeper voice can help you connect better.

Final Words

Now that you are familiar with the important factors to consider, choosing the right pro voice actor for your explainer videos can be relatively easy for you. However, to find the best one, make sure to sample or take a demo of several voice actors and then make the final selection. Also, consider the availability of the voice actors as it is important to ensure that they are available when you need them. With the right pro voice actor, you can reach out to more audiences and ensure the optimum success of your brand.

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