Behind the Scenes: The Explainer Video Production Process

Animated explainer videos have become increasingly popular due to the need for interesting and educational material in the ever-changing field of digital marketing. These brief and eye-catching compositions are effective instruments for clearly and compellingly communicating complicated concepts and messages. There could be a common perception that making animated explainer videos is an easy task, given the abundance of short and simple animated clips frequently shared on social media. However, the actual scenario is otherwise. From discussing ideas with clients to selecting a storyboard and reaching financial targets, video production is a complicated process.

Every compelling explainer film results from a painstaking production process that combines technical know-how, strategy, and creativity. If you intend to make an animated film, you need to be acquainted with each stage so that you can anticipate what the team will be like at each stage of the process and have a clear understanding of the overall flow of video creation. We will examine each step that goes into producing a compelling visual story in this post as we dig into the nuances of the explainer video production process.

What is an Explainer Video?

An explainer video is a short, engaging, and often animated video that conveys a business idea, product, or service in a compelling manner. Effective brand promotion is one benefit of creating explainer films that show prospective clients what you do, who you are, and why they should work with you. These videos aim to simplify complex concepts and captivate the audience’s attention, making them an ideal tool for marketing and educational purposes.

Animated explainer videos, whiteboard explainer videos, live-action explainer videos, and more are among the several forms of explainer videos available today. Explainer videos are frequently seen on social media feeds and product or service websites. They might also be used for events, presentations, and crowdsourcing initiatives.

How Are Explainer Videos Made – The Steps That You Must Take

Creating an effective explainer video involves a series of carefully planned steps. Let’s break down the process to create videos:

Analyzing Your Audience

There are several things you should ask yourself before you begin creating a script. Who is your target audience, and what is the goal of your video? Recognize the interests, troubles, and preferences of your target audience. Make sure the video material appeals to the particular audience you are trying to target. Take into account variables such as geography, age, gender, and socioeconomic status.

Initial Script

The script serves as your video’s central theme. It will serve as a manual for the procedures of creating characters, storyboarding, and animating. Craft a compelling script that clearly communicates your message. Keep the script concise, focusing on the key benefits and features of your product or service. Ensure that the tone aligns with your brand identity and appeals to your target audience.

Formulate a Company Branding

As it might determine the path you need to travel, branding is another item that should be taken into consideration in the early stages. As you write the video script, keep it in mind. It is important to take into account the integration of your brand and merchandise within the explainer video. Integrate your company’s branding elements into the video, including logos, color schemes, and taglines. Maintain consistency with your overall brand image to reinforce brand recognition.

Build People’s Character

If your explainer video involves characters, develop relatable and visually appealing personas. Characters will be developed, and the visual style will be selected by the creative team during the mockup stage. Video production begins at this point. Consider the emotions and personalities that will resonate with your audience. Ensure that the characters align with your brand’s identity and messaging. For branding, this stage is essential. Make sure it matches the requirements and image of your brand.

Creating a Storyboard

A creative storyboard will bring a message to life if a script provides a key point. A storyboard, as its name suggests, is a series of slides that each use a script to explain a certain event. A storyboard might be compared to a visual master plan or blueprint. The images, transitions, and motion are all mixed together. Develop a visual roadmap for your video through a storyboard. Sketch out each scene, illustrating the visual elements, transitions, and character movements. The storyboard serves as a blueprint for the animation or live-action filming process.

Voice Recording

Recording voice is a short process. The actor can begin work as soon as the customer accepts the screenplay, and they should be able to complete the voice recording within an acceptable time frame. Choose a professional voice actor whose tone and style match the video’s message. Record a high-quality voiceover that complements the visuals and enhances the narrative. Ensure proper synchronization between the voiceover and the on-screen elements. Narrations of the topic are often utilized in explainer videos. Audience engagement is maximized via compelling texts for voice narrations.

Animation Production

You will have the visuals in this procedure and be prepared to start moving them. For animated explainer videos, bring the storyboard to life through animation. It also requires the greatest amount of effort from the creative team and consumes most of the project’s duration. Users’ abilities and digital equipment will have the most impact on the final video quality. Pay attention to details such as smooth transitions, character movements, and visual effects. Choose a style that aligns with your brand and resonates with your audience.

Add Music and Effects

For an explainer video, an animated video agency needs more than just visual materials. A big part of the video’s tone is established by the music and sound effects. Enhance the overall viewing experience by incorporating suitable background music. Integrate sound effects to accentuate key moments in the video. Ensure that the audio elements complement the video’s pacing and mood. A lively and contemporary background soundtrack for a younger audience, for instance, and sound effects to match the activities in the video—like a swooshing sound when something is wiped from a whiteboard video—are necessary.

Possible Issues During the Video Production Process

The production process is complex, and to get the best outcomes, the client must be involved in different phases. Be open to incorporating constructive feedback from stakeholders to enhance the video’s effectiveness. Be prepared for certain technical issues that may arise during recording or animation. Have backup plans in place. However, the process of producing a video may take longer than anticipated. The root causes of this issue may include difficult concepts, unreasonable customer demands, and insufficient resources. Production might take anything from a few days to a week on average. Along with meeting the client’s expectations, the procedure guarantees that the finished video is the best explainer video.

Publish the Video

After finishing, you may post your explainer video to one of your social media accounts, your website, or a landing page. Additionally, you may utilize it to persuade others who aren’t familiar with your business to become so through social media advertisements. Additionally, you may share your professional explainer video on social media or embed it on your website after uploading it to a video hosting provider. Since a lot of people frequent sites that share videos, you can utilize keyword descriptions to make your movie and brand easier to locate and interact with.

The creation of explainer videos involves a careful balancing act between strategy and creativity in order to condense difficult concepts into easily understood and interesting material. By meticulously following each step, from audience analysis to the final touches of sound and effects, you can create a visual masterpiece that effectively communicates your message. Animated explainer videos, when executed with precision and creativity, have the potential to become powerful assets in your marketing arsenal.

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