How Covid has fuelled the global OTT Video Consumption?

The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted many industries and businesses in several ways. And, the entertainment industry is no different. The ongoing quarantine and lockdowns have led to the formation of new habits among people. With the rise in the Coronavirus cases, people became afraid to move out of their houses. Moreover, as malls, cinema halls, and adventure parks remained close, people were left with few options for entertainment. While TV shows remained an entertainment option for people, they also started turning towards the OTT platforms.
The closing down of theatres has led to a significant increase in demand for video streaming platforms. The appetite of people for video consumption on the OTT platforms increased, and viewership has been continuously on the rise. Owing to the additional perks like the ease of access and on-demand services, people prefer the OTT content more in comparison to traditional television programs.
In addition to the closing down of theatres, various other factors contributed to the rise of OTT video consumption during pandemic times. Some of them are listed below.

• Increase in Broadband Penetration
An important driver that accelerated the growth of OTT service is increased broadband penetration. The Covid-19 situation made the government realize the importance of advanced connectivity. As education and work shifted to online modes, the government felt the need for high-speed broadband internet. For this reason, they started investing in broadband initiatives to increase its adoption and coverage and benefit people optimally. With the availability of high-speed yet affordable broadband services, people switched to the OTT platforms at a faster pace.

• Advances in Streaming Technology
Advancement in the video streaming platform was another prominent reason for the rise in demand for OTT content. People don’t like being tied to a particular time for viewing content on television. They look for flexibility in timing to enjoy their favourite shows. The OTT platforms offer the freedom to watch video content at any time and through any device. Moreover, the additional features of the top OTT platform like zero buffering, intuitive content discovery, and availability of a variety of content to choose from increased its demand even more.
Personalization and availability of innovative pricing models are yet other reasons that led to the growth of OTT platforms in pandemic times.
The global growth of the OTT market has also benefitted the dubbing and subtitling companies. To make the video content of OTT platforms available in regional languages and reach more audiences, dubbing and subtitling have become the need of the hour. OTT players are aware of the different preferences of the viewers. Moreover, as the competition in the OTT market is increasing, the existing players are localizing content to stay ahead in the race. This, in turn, has significantly benefitted the subtitling and dubbing companies and increased their revenues.

While many industries have incurred huge losses due to the pandemic, some businesses have been benefitted. OTT platforms and subtitling and dubbing companies are among them. With the still ongoing lockdowns and fear of the pandemic, the demand for online streaming services is likely to grow in the following years.
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