What is an SRT file? How to Easily Create One for Videos?

When creating videos, the main motto is to optimally engage the target audience. For this, effective visual as well as audio effects are a must. But what other aspects are essential? The role of subtitles in enhancing the viewing experience of videos cannot be ignored. Whether it is an entertainment video or an educational video, adding subtitles makes the content more accessible for the audience. Here is exactly where the SRT file comes into play.
So, what is an SRT file? SRT files or SubRip Subtitle files are the subtitle formats or closed caption formats. It is a plain-text file containing vital information relating to subtitles such as start as well as end time codes of text to ensure that the subtitles perfectly match the audio. When you have SRT files for videos, it can help you in saving a lot of time in entering subtitles manually and also prevents inaccurate entries. With SRT files, you just need to create one file and get it uploaded on different video platforms, thereby making the process of adding subtitles easier.

How to create an SRT File for Videos?
When you know the importance and benefits of the SRT file, you would want to use it for your next video. Wondering how to create one? Well, there are several ways to create SRT files. Let’s take a look at some of the prominent ones.

• Creating SRT File with a Text Editor
A text editor is nothing but any document creator that is available on your computer or laptop. If you are using Windows, notepad can be your text editor. On the other hand, if you use a Mac device, it can be TextEdit. When creating an SRT file through a text editor, it is important to note that you format the subtitle in the right way and save it in the SRT format. Here is a standard format you can follow:
Start time –> End Time
(Hours : Minutes : Seconds, Milliseconds)
Relevant text that you want to insert as a subtitle in the video.
Once you have created the SRT file using the above format, you can convert it to plain text save it as a .srt file. While the regular prompt shows .txt format, you can manually make it .srt.

• Creating SRT File with YouTube Studio
Another popular way of creating an SRT file is by using YouTube studio. For this, first, open YouTube Video Creator and get the video uploaded. Once uploaded, click on the left panel and choose ‘Subtitles’. Then choose the language you want. Next, you will have to choose the options for adding captions. In comparison to manual typing, auto-sync proves to be a better option as it helps in saving time.
When you select the auto-sync option, your subtitles will be auto-generated. Then you can edit the subtitles to ensure accuracy. Once done, click on the more options button and choose ‘Download Subtitle’. Now, you can easily use the downloaded SRT file as required.

Adding subtitles can enable your video to reach out to a wider audience. Now that you know how to create SRT files, subtitling would no longer be a tough task for you. With subtitles in your videos, you can easily enhance the overall experience of your audience.
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