The rise of Spanish TV series on Netflix – Yes! You can watch them with English subtitles too

The fifth season release of ‘Money Heist’ has had an effective influence on the global impact as the most-watched Spanish tv series. The Álex Pina-created series continues to break records, ascend the streaming charts, and solidify its brand as an internationally recognised symbol and unstoppable fan sensation. This example, however, is not the first, nor will it be the last. The world’s top television programme creators and distributors have discovered a gold mine in Spanish fiction. These series have evolved not simply to establish their brand but also as a product that can be a global success.

Reasons for rising of Spanish series of Netflix

1. Language

The Spanish series has a distinct advantage over the rest of the international competition: Spanish is the world’s second most widely spoken language (only behind Chinese). Although video transcription and the distribution of dubbed content are becoming more common, the language barrier yet remains a significant obstacle. When it comes to audiovisual content, many individuals prefer to consume it in their original tongue, which offers the Spanish series advantage when travelling overseas.

 2. Glocalization

The visual part of the “Glocalization” concept is becoming apparent. The Spanish tv series on Netflix is more visually appealing, the production quality is getting rich by post-production companies, and the aesthetics are far more developed and universal. It’s also worth mentioning that the stories and characters created with concrete Spanish conceptual bases and traits show universal issues and conflicts and are transferable to various cultures.

 3. Variety of content

Another factor contributing to the Spanish tv series’ success is that it has avoided repeating stereotypes that have worked in the past. While thrillers, romantic comedies, and historical dramas have become the most popular genres and have established a high-quality standard, Spanish artists and producers are rapidly experimenting with new success formulae such as sitcoms, suspense, and crime dramas.

How have English subtitles affected the viewing experience for TV series?

1. Increase in reach

Making your material available in multiple languages will help you reach a larger audience. It can reach entire countries, if not continents, of individuals who have been waiting for quality material to appear in their language.

2. Enhancing your viewing experience

Subtitling your content improves the viewing experience for your audience, potentially attracting new viewers and encouraging them to remain longer. This is because subtitles translate your information and transmit it to your audience in text which is a great way to help strengthen your vocabulary. Watching content with subtitles also lets you experience the original emotions and intent of the dialogues.

3. Making content audience-friendly

Deaf and hard-of-hearing people can easily view the content after adding SDH subtitles. People who are learning to read English can benefit from subtitles as well. The subtitles also improve the SEO in YouTube for the content creators.

Usage of SDH & standard subtitles and great content has helped the Spanish content be one of the most sought worldwide. Thanks to effective subtitling services, we can easily watch Spanish tv-series and movies sitting in the comfort of our homes.

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