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Why Should you Localize your Video Content with Subtitles?

The importance of video content for any brand cannot be undermined in the highly competitive landscape of today. However, only having video content is not enough, you also need to stand out to attract and retain more customers. Here adding subtitles and localizing your video content comes in handy. It not only helps in reaching more audiences in various regional markets but also enhances the viewing experiences of the users. Moreover, localizing video content with subtitles makes your video accessible to people with hearing difficulties.

In this article, you will explore some of the main reasons why you must consider localizing your video content with subtitles.

1. Reach More Audience

Making your video content available in various languages can significantly grow the reach of your brand. It provides people of different countries with an opportunity to view the video in their native languages. Even when you have designed the content specific to the local audience, localizing your video content with subtitles can make a big difference in terms of reach.

2. Develop an Inclusive Brand

When you start localizing your video content by adding subtitles, it will make your brand appear more inclusive. It will give people an impression that you are putting in efforts to eliminate the linguistic barriers and prevent people who speak different languages from being alienated. This, in turn, will develop a positive image of your brand in the minds of the people. Moreover, the ability to avail information in their language makes consumers feel more valued. It ensures better engagement and response from the people towards your product and services.

3. Save More on Costs

While planning to localize your video content, you generally have two options to choose from. You can either go for dubbing or add subtitles. However, in comparison to dubbing, subtitles addition will cost you much less. On average, it will cost you 10% less than the cost of dubbing. Moreover, localizing video content with subtitles ensures retaining the quality of your video.

4. Enhance Viewing Experience

Another prominent reason to localize video content with subtitles is to enhance the overall viewing experience of your audience. In addition to translating the video content, subtitles help in making the translated content appear at the bottom of the screen in text form. This ensures that even when your target audience is present in a noisy environment, they can easily understand the content and context of the video. Adding subtitles also ensures longer viewing times and a better engagement rate.

5. SEO Benefits

Localizing your video content with subtitles can also have a positive impact on the SEO of your brand. It can help in optimizing the overall performance of your video. Moreover, it can also help in increasing your organic traffic and ensuring more successful conversions. With localized videos, you can easily increase the time length on your different global sites and enhance your rankings on popular search engines.

Final Words

So, if you are planning to make your video content accessible to more people and connect with a huge audience, localizing your video with subtitles is a feasible solution. While there are several ways to add subtitles to your video content, make sure to choose the right one that meets all your needs. Localizing your video content will not only help you perform better in different regional markets but also enhance the overall image of your brand. And, the best thing about localizing video content with subtitles is that it is no longer difficult. With professional subtitling agencies, you can easily add subtitles and enjoy better returns for your brand.

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