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DUBnSUB is a full-service audio & voice-over production house with offices in Germany, France, USA, Myanmar, and Head Office in Gurgaon (India).

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LATAM is short term for Latin American which consist of South America, Mexico, Central America, and the islands of Caribbean. LATAM Spanish is one of a kind of Spanish language which is spoken in America as different varieties of Spanish language is spoken in the America which are different from each other from those varieties spoken in the Iberian Peninsula, which is collectively known as Peninsular Spanish. The number of native speakers of Spanish language is around 498 million and almost more than 455 million are in Latin America, United states, and Canada. Spanish language is called ‘Espanol’ in Latin American countries whereas it is called ‘Castellano’ in Spain. There is a major difference in pronunciation of Spain language in between Latin America and Spain which is the pronunciation of the Z and C letters. In Latin America, Z and C are pronounced as S, while in Spain it would sound like TH sound. Another difference is usage of different words for the same object. For example: a pen is called bolígrafo (or Boli) in Spain and a Pluma (or Lapicera) in Latin America. Spain is the only country where the pronoun vosotros and vosotras is used in Spanish. This is also one of the differences between Spanish in Spain and in Latin America. In Spain, when addressing a group of friends, you would use vosotros. In Latin America they simply use ‘ustedes’ in both formal and informal situations.

LATAM Spanish Voice-over by DUBnSUB

DUBnSUB is a full-service audio & voice-over production house with offices in Germany, France, USA, Myanmar, and Head Office in Gurgaon (India). We offer a high quality of voice-over and recording services in LATAM Spanish language at a competitive cost including script translation, transcription, translation, proofreading, recording, editing, and audio syncing.

We are a team that specializes in recording great-quality voice-over using LATAM Spanish voice talents. Our experienced and highly qualified team of post-production managers work in sync with you and fully understand your project to effectively manage and complete your requirements.

At DUBnSUB we provide LATAM Spanish voice over services for E-learning, TV & Radio commercials, Audio narration, Podcasts, Video games, corporate presentations, IVR, et al. Additionally, with our large pool of native LATAM Spanish voice talents you get a variety of options to choose from as per your requirements of gender, age, voice, tone, and style.

We deliver your projects in numerous languages and various supported file formats, with quick turnaround times.

We follow a stringent policy of confidentiality, and we are heavily invested in the latest technologies to ensure the safety and security oy your data with us.

Types of LATAM Spanish voice-over and recording services

provided by DUBnSUB

Why choose DUBnSUB LATAM Spanish Voice-Over Services

More than 20+ voices to select from

Extensive Partner Network of LATAM Spanish recording studios and Voice over artists

Experienced Post-production Management Team

Expertise to support all delivery formats

Experienced in various narration styles across industries

Quick turnaround time at competitive costs

Stringent Confidentiality Policy

Extensive quality checks to ensure quality

End to end support including translation from multiple languages to LATAM Spanish

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