Top Voice Over Studios in USA

If you’re looking for voice-over services for your multimedia project, there are plenty of providers.

Here are the top 10 voice-over service providers:

DubnSub: DUBnSUB is a language service provider based in New Delhi, India founded in 2013, with additional offices in Germany and the United States. They offer audiovisual localization services such as subtitling, dubbing, voice-over, closed captioning, and transcription in various languages. The company uses a combination of human expertise and technology to ensure accuracy, consistency, and timely delivery of its services.

VOA Voice Studios (Studios VOA): They offer a complete range of services for your voiceover and dubbing needs. They adapt its services to all your audio-visual projects: corporate films, narration, dubbing, localization, billboards, radio spots, jingles, trailers, IVR, e-learning, web spots, advertisements, audio books, video games, animated films, documentaries, audio description, TV Shows.

Edge Studio: Edge Studios is one of the largest voice-over production companies in the industry based in New York City, founded in 1988 by David Goldberg. Edge Studios offers various services, including casting, directing, and producing voice-over recordings for commercials, animation, and video games for clients in the entertainment, advertising, and media industries. They also provide coaching and training for aspiring voice actors and professional development for experienced voice-over artists.

Voquent: Voquent is a company that provides professional voice-over services for a wide range of media productions such as commercials, films, documentaries, e-learning materials, and more. The company has a vast network of voice-over artists from around the world, and clients can browse through their profiles and listen to their demos before selecting the best fit for their project. Their team of project managers and audio engineers work closely with clients to ensure that the project is delivered on time, within budget, and to the highest standards of quality.

The Voiceover Collective: The Voiceover Collective is a company that provides professional voiceover services for a variety of media such as television commercials, radio ads, corporate videos, e-learning courses, audiobooks, with quick turnaround time and competitive prices. The company is based in the United Kingdom and has a large roster of experienced voiceover artists with a diverse range of accents, languages, and styles.  In addition to voiceover services, The Voiceover Collective also offers scriptwriting, audio production, and translation services.

LA Voiceover: L.A. Voiceover offers a full array of professional voice over services for all media industries including but not limited to animation, narration, commercials, podcasts, apps, games, films, and television.

Demŭn Studios: Demŭn Studios, a recording studio in Phoenix, Arizona was created with the belief that professional high-quality sounding music can be achieved for affordable prices. The company specializes in Audio Recording, Mixing, and Mastering of all genres.

Bunny Studio: Bunny Studios is a professional voice-over and audio production company founded in 2016 with headquarters in San Francisco, California. They offer a wide range of services such as voice-over recording, audio production, translation, and subtitling. It has a large pool of voice-over artists who are native speakers of over 50 languages, enabling them to provide voice-over services in multiple languages. They offer services to various industries such as advertising, e-learning, entertainment, and gaming.

Fix in the MIx: Marc Graue Voice Over Recording Studios is the oldest voice over studio in Burbank, California and is known worldwide as one of the best.

TNVO Studio: TNVO Studios was launched with the idea of giving a more in-depth and honest look at the voiceover business and what it takes to make it a career.