Turkmen is the official language of Turkmenistan, a language of the Turkmen peoples of Central Asia. Interestingly, it is a member of the southwestern, or Oğuz, branch of the Turkic language, which is a subfamily of the Altaic language. Its contiguous relatives being Turkish and Azerbaijani, with which it shares considerably a high degree of common intelligibility. It is spoken by around 6.7 million people. In fact, not all "Turkmen" in Northeastern Iran are speakers of Turkmen, there are numerous speakers of Khorasani Turkic as well. Later, Turkmen writers began to utilize the Chagatai literary language of the southeastern Turkic language branch.

Turkmen Voice-Over service by DUBnSUB

We offer high quality Turkmen Voice-Over services at competitive costs, through extensive partner network of dubbing studios and experienced team of production managers. This not only allows us to provide native Turkmen accent/tone and studio sound quality but also offers cost benefits of our extensive partner network reach. Moreover, with our large pool of native Turkmen voice over artists you get abundant options to choose from, as per your requirements of gender, age, voice, tone, and style.

Turkmen Voice Over and Recording services at DUBnSUB span across industries such as entertainment (movies, TV-series, animation and documentaries), e-learning, corporate, gaming, advertising, and many more. Quality is prime focus at DUBnSUB and our highly qualified and experienced team of post-production managers, Turkmen voice over artists and translators are committed to deliver high quality Turkmen voice over recording services at competitive costs.

We understand the sensitivity and confidentiality of our client’s data and are heavily invested in latest technologies to ensure confidentiality, safety and security of your data. DUBnSUB also has stringent confidentiality policies within the organization and with our collaborators/partners.

DUBnSUB provides all type of Turkmen voice-over and recording services such as:
1. Simple voice-over in Turkmen
2. Screen synced voice-over in Turkmen
3. Time synced voice-over in Turkmen
4. Lip sync voice-over in Turkmen

Why Choose DUBnSUB Turkmen Voice-Over Services
1. More than 20+ voices to select from
2. Extensive Partner Network of Turkmen recording studios and Voice over artists
3. Experienced Postproduction Management Team
4. Expertise to support all delivery formats
5. Experienced in various narration styles across industries
6. Extensive quality checks to ensure quality
7. Quick turnaround time at competitive costs
8. End to end support including translation from Multiple languages to Turkmen
9. Stringent Confidentiality Policy