The Twi language is a dialect of the Akan language and is a member of the Kwa sub-group of Niger-Congo languages. It is a native to Ashanti.It is primarily spoken in southern and central Ghana by numerous people, largely of the Akan people. According to sources, in 2015 there were around 9 million native speakers of the Twi language. It is an official language of Ashanti
City-State and the Ashanti City-State capital Kumasi, Ghana. These both dialects are used in national status. Akan consists of three main mutually intelligible dialects: Fante, Asante Twi and Akwapim Twi. Asante Twi is the one which is widely used.

Twi Dubbing service by DUBnSUB

DUBnSUB is a dubbing company based in Gurgaon, India with branch offices in Berlin, Germany, France, Paris, Myanmar and Boston, USA. We offer high quality Twi dubbing services at competitive costs, through extensive partner network of dubbing studios and experienced team of production managers. This not only allows our customers and benefactors hassle-free in-country dubbing studio quality but also offers cost benefits of our extensive partner network reach. Moreover, with a large pool of native Twi dubbing artists you get abundant options to cast from, as per your requirements of gender, age, voice, tone, and style.
Twi Dubbing services at DUBnSUB span across industries such as entertainment (movies, TV-series, animation and documentaries), e-learning, corporate, gaming, advertising, and many more.

Quality is the prime focus at DUBnSUB and our highly qualified and experienced team of production managers, dubbing artists and translators are committed to deliver high quality dubbing services at competitive costs while also preserving the authentic tone of the content.

We understand the sensitivity and confidentiality of our client’s data and are heavily invested in latest technologies to ensure confidentiality, safety and security of your data. DUBnSUB also has stringent confidentiality policies within the organization and with our collaborators/partners.

DUBnSUB provides all type of dubbing in Twi such as:
1. Movie dubbing in Twi
2. TV Series Dubbing in Twi
3. Animation dubbing in Twi
4. Documentary dubbing in Twi
5. Theatrical dubbing in Twi
6. Live action dubbing in Twi
7. 2.0 and 5.0 mix while dubbing in Twi

Why Choose DUBnSUB Twi Dubbing Services
1. Abundant Twi Voice Artists to choose from
2. Experienced Post production Management Team
3. Expertise to support all audio/video formats
4. Localization and adaptation to suit Twi culture and traditions.
5. Extensive quality checks to deliver high standards based on client requirement.
6. Quick turnaround time at competitive rates
7. End to end support including Twi translation from multiple languages
8. Stringent Confidentiality Policy