The future of Dubbing and Voice-over Industry

The dubbing/voice-over industry has witnessed unprecedented growth in the past years, thanks to the growing consumption of videos over the world. According to the predictions by Cisco, the video will be 80% of web content by the end of 2019. With this growing demand in audio-visual content, companies around the world want to reach a wider set of audience. It has resulted in an increasing demand for dubbing and voice-over companies for producing content in many different languages.

Future trends in dubbing and voice-over industry

1. Advancement of artificial intelligence

Are machines going to take our voice-over jobs? Well, not any time soon.

Many people see artificial intelligence (AI) as a threat to the dubbing and voice-over industry. But in reality, it offers new opportunities for voice-over and dubbing artists. For example, an AI chatbot that answers your questions, and a virtual e-commerce assistant that guides you through the buying or selling process, use voices originally recorded by voice-over actors.

Moreover, no matter how advanced AI may become, it will never be able to replicate the emotions and feelings of a human voice. Hence, the popularity of the voice actors is expected to explode in the coming years.

2. Increasing interest in localized content

Content localization means translating the language of the original content into the language used in your target local area. For example, if you’re selling your products/ services in the US and want to expand in China, you need to modify your content according to the Chinese market. Localized content requires you to research and understand the preferences, demographics, culture, and language of your target audience.

Localization is affecting the dubbing and voice-over industry to a great extent. As more consumers are attracted to content created in different languages, the need for dubbing and voice-over artists is on the rise. Such growth of accurate and timely dubbed content is an essential part of the content itself. If not done correctly, the viewers may end up looking somewhere else for content, which ultimately leads to loss of revenue for the production house.

3. The rise of virtual reality content

Virtual reality means using computer technology to create a simulated three-dimensional environment. In simple terms, it is experiencing things that don’t exist in real life. According to the Virtual Reality Brand Power Index released by YouVisit, 75% of the Forbes World’s most valuable brands have integrated VR into their marketing strategies.

The growing demand for virtual reality content also means many challenges for the dubbing and voice-over industry. VR content is shifting towards a narrative style which involves multiple speakers. Therefore, the main challenge for dubbing artists will be to handle all the audio needed to create a 360-degree video. Moreover, dubs need to adjust the voice and audio cues according to what’s visible in the frame. For example, if there are two or more speakers in the scene, the one in the frame will have louder audio as compared to others.

Overall, we’re going to experience many more developments in the dubbing and voice-over industry in 2019 and even beyond. With more content created with a focus on localization, brands will be able to access the audience around the globe. Moreover, artificial intelligence is expected to take over the dubbing and voice-over industry, but only to some extent. Producing accurate content with a human touch will always require the services of dubbing and voice-over artists.

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