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Top Voice-Over Trends for 2021

The arrival of the internet and subsequent improvement in technology have impacted every industry. Even the voice-over industry has experienced great advancements with the advancement of technology.
Every year, this industry is experiencing changes and showing new trends that leave the world bemused. The year 2021 has not been an exception either.
The insiders revealed that the voice-over industry did not stop surprising with new trends even in this COVID affected 2021.

Among the top Voice-over Trends for 2021 include the following:

1. The realistic conversational voice reigns
The fake voice has lost its appeal long back the moment conversational read came into the scenario.
The slow-paced intimate session of warmth that a conversational voice sets with the audience continue to be in high demand in 2021 especially when social distancing has put a full stop on human contact.

2. Voice-based brand marketing
There has been a high demand among pioneering brands to opt for voice-over services for marketing their products.
These brands are driven by the need to go for an economical and efficient form of agile marketing that would have some amount of creativity and human touch in it too. So, they have put their entire trust in the voice-over talents of the industry.

3. E-learning and online training content
With businesses and offices opting for the work from home culture in the 2020 pandemic, there was a surge in the demand for e-learning content. Covid-19 made businesses more home-based, which increased the need for the assistance of voice-over artists in e-learning and corporate training content will continue to see a rise. Additionally, since schools and universities were completely shut due to lockdown, online learning (e-learning) rocketed, giving a push to e-learning videos, educational audiobooks, podcasts, etc.

4. Voice technology fills up the touch-sensitive gap
The pandemic has taught the world that touching any surface can be lethal if you are not careful. But, it has to be admitted that this lesson has simultaneously been a blessing for the voice-over industry.
Every touch-sensitive platform has got fast replaced with a voice-sensitive platform since the end of 2020, and the trend continues even in 2021. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and voice technology have been integrated to perform functions such as opening the door of the lift, operating the elevator, or using the vending machine.

5. Voice-based assistants become the reference for mobile users
A great shift in preference that the world saw in the wake of 2021 was the high demand in the consumer market for voice-based assistants.
To explain this more elaborately, the craving among consumers for convenience has popularised Google assistant because people find it too boring to text messages, set alarms, or find apps on their smartphones by typing.
Equally viral has been the appeal of voice assistants Alexa who relieves people from the trouble of searching for their favourite music album to play their favourite tunes or find the meanings of words they are hearing for the first time.

6. Increased investment in voice apps
The big players of the global marketplace have already sniffed that voice-over is going to bring a whirlpool in the market. So, 2021 saw increased interest among these players to invest liberally in voice-based apps.
These voice apps are perhaps the frictionless access points to the world of social and electronic media where voice apps would be a big part of the action plan.

Wrapping up

The year 2021 had the worst form of experience because the COVID pandemic strictly emphasised social distancing. This has however been an additional blessing for the voice-over industry which usually experiences consistent changes every year due to improvements in technology. Eventually, the world witnessed some noteworthy trends in voice-over in 2021 like the popularity of voice apps, preference for voice assistants, and perennial love for conversational voice.

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