Why subtitling and captioning increase video views?

Video has quickly emerged as an incredibly effective way of content when it comes to attracting and engaging audiences. A study conducted by Hubspot stated that 78% of people view online videos every week, and 55% watch online videos every day. Further, Conversion XL revealed that video increases organic search traffic on a website by 157%. Hence, it is no longer a question of just how powerful the video actually is. But, as a video producer, what can you do boost your video views? Simple – by adding captions and subtitles.

Whether you are creating video content for social media, online advertisement, or corporate training purposes, captions and subtitles expand your audience and help your brand grow globally. In this article, we will look at how subtitling and captioning can have a powerful impact on the success of your videos.

1. Improve your SEO

One of the most significant advantages of adding subtitles and captions to your videos is to let them rank higher in search results. Since videos are not text-based, it is not very easy for search engines to understand and index them. So, by having captions embedded in your videos, you are informing Google what your video is about. This way, it can get indexed and will show up when people search for a keyword that your video is ranked for. In a nutshell, captions and subtitles not only increase your video views but also make a big difference in how people find and engage with your content.

How do we know this works? Check out the following data.

• Discovery Digital Networks (DDN) revealed that captioned videos enjoy 7.32% more videos on average.
• According to Facebook, captions increase video views by 16% compared with uncaptioned videos. They had 15% more shares, 17% better reactions, and 26% more call-to-action click-throughs.

2. Increase social media reach

Subtitling and captioning your social media videos is an absolute must in 2020. This can not only boost video engagement but can also help in spreading your message in both audio and text to ensure that everyone understands it. Further, 85% of social media users view videos with their sound turned off. This means that brands should consider producing videos that can be engaging even without audio.

So, if you do not add captions and subtitles to your videos, a lot of people will skip over your content, and you will not be able to engage with more viewers than you usually would with captioned videos.

3. Let viewers watch videos from anywhere

Many people assume that the sole purpose of subtitles and captions is to make the video content accessible to the hard of hearing population. But what is surprising is that many people with no hearing impairments enjoy videos with subtitles as well. In fact, as per a study by the United Kingdom’s Ofcom, 80% of people who watch videos with closed captions on are not deaf or hard of hearing. One reason is that many people do not or cannot turn on audio in either very noisy places like a subway or mall or environs where silence is required, such as conferences and libraries.

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