Animated Videos – A Powerful Storytelling Tool

We all would agree that we loved to hear stories from our grandma, and our young, tender mind would make its images and pictures from the captivating narration. Technology advancement has replaced grandma’s stories with animated, audio-visually supported scripts, compatible with every digital device. Animated storytelling uses fact and designed narrative to communicate the desired message to your target audience. Not only do they tell stories for the kids, but they also depict a process, a series of events, an experiment, or a protocol to capture the attention of the prospective customers and promote your brand.

How to create animated storytelling videos?

Storytelling is an art, and so is the making of a storytelling animated video. Apart from the appropriate technology and devices, it needs creativity, a vision, the right kind of skill, and lots of practice. Here are the steps towards the making of a good storytelling video:

  • Try to know your audience

You must know to whom you want your story to reach. Doing some research on your target audience and market before you start writing the content is essential. It will define your viewership and provide a crucial direction for building up the foundation of your story.

  • Decide the core message you want to deliver

It is the foundation on which your entire concept will shape up. Are you selling a product, trying to raise funds, explain the importance of service, advocate for an important issue, or create awareness? What is it that you want to deliver? If you do not have a well-defined message, you cannot create a good and appealing story.

  • Establishment of call-to action

It is about what exactly you want your viewer to do after viewing your animated story. You can have this as an objective and can highlight this in your script.

  • Content development

Once your core message is defined, audience targeted, and call-to-action well established, it is time to write the story. Give your creativity an open space and let it create an incredible account that can take the shape of a video and touch your target audience’s core.

  • Content to animation

Giving an energetic body to your characters or story is the primary crust of the whole process. The expertise and the facilities for this will be available in animation studios in your area. There are well-known animation companies, 3D animation studios, and graphic designers who can be of great help to you.

  • Time to share your story

You can have a pick of the sharing platform, like YouTube, television, Vimeo, etc.

There is a plethora of good animation companies in Delhi NCR. Each excels in one or the other skill of animated story-making. DUBnSUB is one such company that specializes in audio description services, captioning, high-quality dubbing, recording, subtitling, and voice-over in more than 100 languages. You can choose the one that best suits your needs to give an appealing animation to your well-conceived story.

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