The rise of Digital Audio Advertising in 2021

Remember the COVID guidelines that strike your ears every time you make a phone call? Or the instructions over radio or microphones about the importance of social distancing and wearing masks during the Corona pandemic? That is the latest and highly effective use of Audio to create awareness and make advertisements, commonly known as Digital Audio Advertising.

Digital Audio Advertising

Audio advertisements have been with us probably since the advent of radio and the tapping of its potential for business promotion. With a boom in audio-visual technology and easy availability of smart audio devices, such as smartphones, smart speakers, wireless headphones, audio advertising has gone digital and is now one of the most rapidly advancing means of business promotion and branding.

Why go for Audio Advertising?

With super sleek and smart audio devices available in the market at an affordable price, you can listen to a podcast, live streaming talk, a music piece, or an advertisement from anywhere at any time. While exercising in the gym, travelling in the metro, cooking yummy cuisines, or relaxing at a beach, your digital audio access is uninterrupted. With excellent use of audio devices by people of all age groups, gender, and social status, this omnipresent digital audio advertising is sure to create magic for business promotion.

Trends in Digital Audio Advertising

The customer’s needs and the market demand have always been at the root of any marketing strategy and tactic. Following the changing preferences of the listeners and the fast-developing technology, audio advertising should be a perfect blend of various prevalent trends, depending upon your brand.

  • Use of Programmatic Advertising

Automation in Audio advertisement is called programmatic advertising. It is a very significant and rapidly growing trend. It facilitates the automatic purchase, delivery, and sale of audio advertisements. Many leading audio advertisement companies are generating a large part of their revenue from programmatic ads.

  • Personalized and Customized Campaign

It is about catering a highly personalized and customized advertisement campaign to a business client as per its need. It is a tailor-made approach for each user, achieved either programmatically or manually. Such Context-driven advertisements stand out well and have a reasonable recall rate. Such advertisements also have a significantly higher level of interaction than conventional ads.

  • Smart use of Data

Data-driven audio advertisements can be highly effective and can create a very significant impact. Clever use of data like location, user insight, brand type, and business needs to deliver unique yet dynamic, meaningful, completely personalized messages.

Audio Advertising in 2021

With Smart headphones and speakers growing in popularity, more than 4.2 billion digital voice assistants are currently in use worldwide. Forecast indicates that this number may go up to 8.4 billion units, more than the world’s population, by the end of 2024. As a result, as user adoption grows, so does the advertising opportunity. But like an actual marketing manager, you must use audio and other formats, like TV, video, voice search, etc., in a rational blend.  Audio ads must be a part of the brand’s overall digital marketing strategy.

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