How has subtitling helped to enhance the lens of people to feel the content in the original language?

Video content is taking over the internet like a storm. According to a study conducted by Cisco, 80% of the internet traffic will come from videos by 2021. With the growing number of OTT players, the demand for translation services such as subtitling and captioning is on the rise.

Adding subtitles to your videos can have a positive effect on video engagement and as a result, expand your international reach. This is true for movies, TV shows, documentaries, training videos, and other types of content that you may create and share.

But why are subtitles so important, and how so they help people to understand the video content in the original language? Let us look at some of the benefits.

1. Viewers can understand the content better

Some people learn by doing, while some are visual learners and prefer to learn through videos. Hence, a video with subtitles helps people to understand the video content in a better way and retain information for a longer time. Furthermore, adding subtitles to your videos enable the audience to enjoy your video content without any sound, or even in sound-sensitive situations.

So, even if the video is in the non-native language of the viewers, they can still have the full experience of watching it with the help of subtitles.

2. People can learn a new language

Do you wish to learn a new language? If yes, then subtitles can help you with this.

Subtitling is an excellent and fun way to reinforce foreign language learning. Watching a movie or a TV show in your desired foreign language with subtitles can help you grow your experience with that language. Moreover, not only will you learn a new set of vocabulary words, phrases, and idioms, but you will also experience them visually. Let us say you want to learn Spanish. Watching some Spanish movies and TV shows with the help of subtitles can speed up your learning process.

Therefore, if you are looking forward to learning a new language with the help of subtitles, here is how you can do it:

• Watch short, entertaining videos as these have a less challenging vocabulary.
• You can also binge-watch your favorite Netflix series and turn on subtitles and re-watch them until you understand them correctly.
• You can even watch your favorite movie or series in a foreign language, if possible. This will make comprehending those subtitles much easier as you already know the general plotline.


Not everyone speaks the same language. This is where subtitling comes into the picture. In addition to helping the deaf and hearing-impaired population, subtitles also make your content accessible to people who like to consume video content with the sound turned off. Furthermore, subtitled content not only enables viewers to access and enjoy international audiovisual content but also understands the new cultures and languages of the world.

To sum up, combining your video with subtitles can make your content universal, and provide a better experience for the viewer.

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